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What consumer attributes should I be looking for in our fresh cut French fries made on premise?

Feb 6, 2017
Q: What consumer attributes should I be looking for in our fresh cut French fries made on premise?
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Idaho Plastic Potato Pin Souvenirs Turn 50 This Year, Happy Anniversary!!

Feb 3, 2017
Q: I no longer live in Idaho, but I remember picking up a few plastic Idaho potato shaped pins to hand out when I went on a trip to Europe many many years ago. Does the Idaho Potato Commission still have these, how many do they distribute in a year and when was this wonderful idea originally thought of as a way to draw attention to the potato with a state named after it?
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Are Yukon Gold Potatoes A Large Potato? If So Why Are They So Small In The Store?

Jan 26, 2017
Q: In researching Yukon Gold Potatoes it says they are a large potato. If that is correct why are the Idaho Gold Potatoes I find in the grocery store so small and lumpy?
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When Making French Fries At Home, Should I Cut The Strips Into Water With Salt Added? Is That Correct?

Jan 13, 2017
Q: I read on the internet that making fresh cut fries at home is a two-step method: If you want to pre-soak the potatoes to get rid of starch, sometimes it's fun to dump a ton of salt into ice water to make them extra salty.
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How To Get A Fluffy Texture In My Mashed Idaho Russet Potatoes

Jan 11, 2017
Q: For mashed potatoes I boiled potatoes with skins on when I usually peel & cut them before boiling. (I must have thought I was making potato salad instead of mashed potatoes.) When they were done I cooled them down so I could handle them. Then peeled them & tried to mash them with a hand masher difficult. Warmed milk & butter, added to potatoes & continued to mash. Potatoes were still stiff. They tasted fine, but I never got the fluffy consistency I usually get when I boil them without skins. Could I have done anything to get the fluffy consistency?
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Maine VS. Idaho Potatoes In Production

Jan 9, 2017
Q: I’m from Maine and I recall that my grandparents always told me our state produced more potatoes than any other. Can you shed some light on when we lost the crown as the largest potato state in the USA to Idaho?
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I Have Read That Potatoes Need To Be Cold Before Cutting To Make The Best French Fries At Home. Is That True?

Jan 2, 2017
Q: Potatoes must be cold in order to make amazing fries. True or false?
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Are Idaho Yukon Golds An Acceptable Substitute For Idaho Russets To Make Mashed Potatoes?

Dec 27, 2016
Q: For my mashed potato dish instead of using Idaho russets, can I substitute Yukon (yellow flesh) potatoes?
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“Bowls Trend” Can Truly Soar By Adding Potatoes To The Mix

Dec 15, 2016
Q: I read a recent article in the Packer, where Technomic reports that food bowls are up 29.7% in the entrée category over a five-year time period. Another study, showed that the produce items measured were onions +27%, peppers +21%, tomatoes +20% followed closely by carrots, broccoli and corn according to United Fresh with new growth coming from kale, lemons, and spinach.
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How To Get The Perfect Latkes Or Hash Browns At Home.

Dec 13, 2016
Q: How can I prevent shredded potatoes from darkening when I make Latkes or hash browns? And how do I get a nice crusty exterior?
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