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Is There A Way To Prevent Pre-Peeled Potatoes From Graying?

May 18, 2016
Q: Can I slice potatoes with the skin on, wrap in foil and keep in the refrigerator without the potatoes turning gray or black. I will be grilling them 4-5 hours after prepping them
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Are Slightly Soft Potatoes Okay To Cook & Eat?

May 11, 2016
Q: Is it ok to cook and eat slightly soft potatoes?  
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Dr. Potato gives usage tips for Processed Idaho® Potatoes

Sep 16, 2015
Q: Dear Dr. Potato, I know frozen and dehydrated potatoes are convenient and cost-efficient, but how do I differentiate my fries and hash browns from those served by my competitors? Do you have tips for creating signature side dishes from processed potatoes?
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Dr. Potato: How can I tell when my baked potatoes are done?

May 5, 2015
Q: Sometimes at home I fix a single baked potato for dinner, sometimes for the family I bake 4-5 at a time. How can I easily tell when they are done?
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Baking Potatoes for a Large Group

Apr 27, 2015
Q: We are having an event where we will be serving baked potatoes.  I will be cooking 30-40 medium to large Idaho potatoes in our oven.  We have two ovens - one with two racks, the other with one.  I typically wash the potatoes, poke them a few times, and place them right on the rack at about 400°F for 60 minutes.  Considering the number of potatoes and their size I have a few questions below:  (Answers are in red) What temperature do you suggest I use to cook them?
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“Spud Fax”

Aug 15, 2014
Q: Could you kindly direct me to the portion of the Commission’s website where your “Technical Reports” are listed?
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Can I Eat Leftover Baked Potatoes?

Apr 2, 2014
Q: I have forgotten which episode and cannot find it on his website but Dr. Oz said not to eat leftover baked potatoes and gave the reason(s).  Do you have any idea what he was talking about?  I usually eat one-half of a baked potato one night and the other half the next night.
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Green Water From Boiled Potatoes

Mar 28, 2014
Q: I took the potatoes out to cool last evening and left water in pot overnight, graniteware. When pouring water out this morning it was a vivid green color!? Typically of course I drain the water and cool in pan  so I’m clueless if time overnight “greened” the water or exactly what happened? Please help!
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The Best Way To Make Idaho® Mashed Potatoes

Sep 13, 2013
Q: How do I achieve the best results when mashing Idaho® Potatoes?
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Baking Potatoes for a Large Group

Nov 20, 2012
Q: Our company is hosting a luncheon for about 80 volunteers.  We want to do a baked potato bar and serve hot potatoes and toppings.  The problem is we do not have an oven at work so we will need to bake the potatoes this night before the event.  I would like your suggestions on how many potatoes we each should take home to bake (12? 20? How many can fit in a standard oven?), how long that baking time should be for medium-sized potatoes, and how to keep them warm until lunch? Can potatoes be baked the night before and reheated in the morning or do they need to be baked fresh and kept warm?
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