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Look For The Seal To Know It's Real

To be sure you're getting genuine, top-quality Idaho® potatoes, look for the "Grown In Idaho®" seal. Idaho's growing season of warm days and cool nights, ample mountain-fed irrigation and rich, volcanic soil give Idaho® potatoes their unique texture, taste and dependable performance.

12 Days of Spudmas! 25% Off Select Items

Who doesn't love getting some Idaho® potato swag for Christmas? For a limited time, get 25% off of these fun items!

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Five Tips for Storing Idaho® Potatoes

• Store at 45-55°F in a dry place and never in the fridge!
• Don't wash until it's time to use
• Limit exposure to light
• Handle with care
• Rotate your inventory

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4 Meals for 4 People for $25!

Dive in and see how far a 10-pound bag of potatoes goes and just how delicious it can be!

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All Things Potatoes

Tips and tricks, recipes and videos. We’ve pulled the information you need to tackle any of the basic potato dishes in one handy spot.

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Community Partner

Proud to be partnered with this great organization that raises money to unite international Down Syndrome orphans with their forever adoptive family. 

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