Committee Information

Agriculture Affair

Chairman: Doug Hanks
Vice Chairman: Todd Cornelison

Committee Mission: Provide input on many issues relating to farming practices including, but not limited to, environmental, legislative and regulatory and immigration and labor.  The committee will also provide guidance on the Good Agriculture Practices (GAP) and sustainability programs.

Andrus, RJ
Arnold, Jeremy
Ashton, Joel
Atchley, Clen
Atchley, Emma
Brown, Tom
Chapple, Dave
Christensen, Michael
Cornelison, Todd
Esplin, Keith
Garrett, Todd
Gibson, Dean
Gibson, Jeff
Gross, Doug
Hanks, Doug
Hardy, Randy
Harper, Jeff
Harper, John
Huffman, Ethan
Klompien, Mark
Kole, Pat
Koompin, Klaren
Mickelsen, Andrew
Mickelson, Bryan
Miles, Rick
Moss, Dan
Muir, Frank
Penfold, Wyatt
Raybould, Britt
Searle, Kevin
Telford, Mike
Theobald, Steve
Thomas, Jordan
Tiede, Jim
Toevs, Ritchey
Tominaga, Ray
Wahlen, Kim
Webster, Jonathan
Webster, Shane
Whalen, Eric



Chairman: Kevin Stanger
Vice Chairman: Ryan Wahlen

Committee Mission: Provide input on the overall marketing of fresh and processed potato products that are sold domestically and internationally.


Beesley, Dave
Belnap, Trever
Butler, Calvin
Cornelison, Todd
Crapo, Weston
Davenport, Mel
Day, Clint
Duffin, Jeff
Elfering, Steve
Ellis, Ryan
Fletcher, Richard
Gibson, Dean
Grover, Peggy
Hanks, Doug
Hardy, Ben
Hart, Kirk
Higham, Jamie
Hoff, James
Jones, Brian
Klompien, Mark
Kole, Pat
McBride, Jim
Meek, Bob
Meyer, Ellen
Mickelson, Scott
Muir, Frank
Nakamura, Dan
Odiorne, Don
Ottum, Steve
Pemsler, Seth
Peterson, Derek
Phillips, Dave
Poole, Lance
Saras, Paul
Shawver, Rick
Stanger, Kevin
Taylor, Alan
Thomas, Dick
Thompson, Chris
Tominaga, Robert
Wada, Chris
Wahlen, Ryan
Walters, Shawn
Webster, Chad
Wilcox, Lynn


Research & Education

Chairman: Ritchey Toevs
Vice Chairman: Tommy Brown

Committee Mission: Provide input on basic research funding for industry identified priorities including disease management, variety improvement, pest resistance, integrated pest management, input management, good agricultural practices and sustainability.

Andersen, Lee
Ball, Carl
Belnap, Trever
Blanksma, Nick
Foster, Boyd
French, Allen
Fuller, Jim
Gehring, Jared
Harper, Jeff
(Mart)Harper, Jeffrey
Herbert, Leo
Ingersoll, Dave
Jensen, Andy
Klompien, Mark
Kole, Pat
Krautscheid, Donny
Labeau, Alex
Lake, Rod
Muir, Frank
Munden, Trent
Penfold, Paris
Penfold, Wyatt
Roche, Robert
Salaiz, Tom
Scott, Todd
Telford, Mark
Thornton, Mike
Tiede, Jim
Toevs, Ritchey
Tominaga, Jerry
Tominaga, Robert

The Idaho Potato Commission does not allow payment of indirect costs in its research contracts with universities and other research entities.