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Look For The Seal To Know It's Real

To be sure you're getting genuine, top-quality Idaho® potatoes, look for the "Grown In Idaho®" seal. Idaho's growing season of warm days and cool nights, ample mountain-fed irrigation and rich, volcanic soil give Idaho® potatoes their unique texture, taste and dependable performance.

2020 Shippers & Processors Directory

A comprehensive guide to shippers, processors and potato varieties in Idaho. 

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Foodservice Toolkit

A complete education in all things Idaho® potatoes. Download now. 

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Harvest Video

From field to fork, see what it takes to get Idaho® potatoes to your plate! Sound on for the full commentary.

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Foodservice FAQs

Got a foodservice potato question? We're the potato experts! Whether they are fresh, frozen or dehydrated; fried, mashed, baked, scalloped or made into hash browns, chances are we have the answer!

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New Commercial

Now stranded in the tricked out 1955 Studebaker, the reluctant hero, Farmer Mark, returns to the small screen, plotting to find another way to catch the elusive Big Idaho® Potato Truck on its expeditious journey across the country. Farmer Mark is in for the ride of his life when he blindly jumps into the passenger seat of an unsuspecting, flat-footed, student driver.

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