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Storing Mashed Potatoes In A Slow Cooker

Nov 24, 2015
Q: Can I keep mashed potatoes warm in a slow cooker on low? If so for how long? If not, what are my options?
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How to Make the Absolute Perfect Mashed Potatoes

Nov 18, 2015
Q: Let's cut to the chase. How do I make the absolute perfect potatoes? 
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Mashed Idaho® Potato Yields

Nov 17, 2015
Q: How many fresh Idaho potatoes do I need to prepare mashed potatoes for a crowd?
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Fix Ahead Mashed Potatoes For Thanksgiving

Nov 16, 2015
Q: Can I prepare mashed potatoes 10 days in advance and freeze, then rewarm them covered, in the oven for my Thanksgiving dinner?
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Cook-Ahead Mashed Potatoes & How To Freeze Them.

Nov 13, 2015
Q: Can you cook mashed potatoes ahead of time and freeze them for Thanksgiving Day?
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What Thanksgiving Potatoes Would Go Well With A Boneless Turkey Breast?

Nov 12, 2015
Q: We are empty nesters, so we don’t need a whole turkey. Still I want to fix something special with our boneless turkey breast and mashed Idaho potatoes, any ideas?
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How Can I Spice Up Regular Mashed Potatoes For Thanksgiving?

Nov 10, 2015
Q: My family is expecting plain old mashed potatoes for Thanksgiving. I’ll make those but in addition I would like to make something different with the extra mashed Idaho potatoes. What can I surprise them with for a fun recipe?
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Slow Cooker And Crock® Pot Recipes For Idaho® Potatoes

Nov 4, 2015
Q: I just bought a new slow cooker, since they were on sale I actually went for the Crock® Pot brand and I am so excited to try new recipes. Do you have any suggestions for using Idaho Potatoes for a slow cooker recipe?
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How Many Pounds Of Potatoes Should I Be Using When Cooking For Large Groups?

Oct 26, 2015
Q: I'm dicing Yukon Gold potatoes to make hash browns or home fried potatoes. How many pounds of potatoes should I be using? There will be other sides. It's a breakfast with eggs, grits, and oatmeal as options and/or additions to each plate.
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Keeping Potatoes Warm For An Extend Period Of Time For A Large Group

Oct 23, 2015
Q: I will be serving a baked potato bar for my son's graduation (150-200 people). I planned on cutting in half, applying olive oil and then cooking for about 30 min. At that point I need to keep the potatoes warm. I was thinking either a preheated insulated cooler or roaster. Which do you think will work best? They will need to stay warm for approx. 5 hours. Thanks so much for your help!  
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