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I Want To Cook My Potatoes Along With My Roast But In A Separate Pan The Roast Will Be Cooking At 350. How Long Should I Keep Them In So They Will Be Done At The Same Time?

Nov 24, 2023
Q: Seems simple enough but… I want to cook my potatoes along with my roast but in a separate pan the roast will be cooking at 350. How long should I keep them in so they will be done at the same time
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If I Steam Potatoes And Then Store Them In The Refrigerator, What Happens To The Water Content In The Potato?

Nov 17, 2023
Q: If I team potatoes and then store them in the refrigerator, what happens to the water content in the potato?
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Which Test Is Used To Measure Presence Of Reducing Sugar In Potatoes?

Nov 10, 2023
Q: Which test is used to measure presence of reducing sugar in potatoes? 
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Can You Prep Baked Potatoes 6 hours Prior To An Event And Serve Them In A Warming Cabinet?

Nov 3, 2023
Q: Can you prep baked potatoes 6 hours prior to an event and serve them in a warming cabinet?
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Why Are My Potatoes Crunchy After Baking And Crock Pot?

Oct 27, 2023
Q: I cooked potato soup and the cubes were still crunchy. I baked the potatoes for over two hours and then they were in the crock pot all morning but remained hard and crunchy! Some were fine but many remained hard. What could be the answer because there is no way they were undercooked?  
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I'm Making Potato Soup And Purple Foam Is Coming To The Surface Of The Water. Is this Safe To Eat?

Oct 17, 2023
Q: I’m making potato soup with Russet potatoes, barley, onions, and water. As the pot boils, purple foam is coming to the surface of the water. What causes this and is it safe to eat?
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How Many Pounds Of Potatoes Would I Need To Serve Scalloped Potatoes To 100 People?

Sep 15, 2023
Q: How many pounds of potatoes would I need to serve scalloped potatoes to 100 people?
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What Is The Best Way To Store Peeled Potatoes Without Them Browning?

Sep 8, 2023
Q: We are planning to open a fries business but we want to use fresh potatoes, to reduce the work on site, we plan to deliver peeled potatoes to the stores. What is the best way to store peeled potatoes without them browning? Can I vacuum seal peeled potatoes? Is it required to cook potatoes first before vacuum sealing or just wash, peel then seal? Are vacuum sealed potatoes need to be refrigerated?
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What Temperature Should The Bread Warming Drawer Be At To Keep My Potatoes Warm?

Sep 1, 2023
Q: I saw your post with someone asking what is the best method for keeping baked potatoes warm all day and you answered that a bread warming drawer would be best. What temperature should the drawer be at? Also, if I do not sell enough at the end of the day could I put them in the refrigerator and reuse the potatoes again the next day?
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My Potato Has Large Lumps In It And After Baking And Mashing It The Lumps Are Not Going Away. What Is This?

Aug 31, 2023
Q: My potato has large lumps in it and after baking and mashing it the lumps are not going away. What is this?
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