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Where Should I Store Potatoes At Home If I Buy A Big Bag Of Idaho® Russets?

Aug 28, 2015
Q: I remember my grandparents storing fresh potatoes at home in a root cellar. I want to take advantage of the pricing and availability of having a ten pound bag of spuds at home for last minute menu choices but don’t know where to store the potatoes once I buy them. Any recommendations
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Why Does Oil Come Out Of Potato Salad?

Aug 21, 2015
Q: Why does oil come out of potato salad? Is it the type of mayo you use or is it because of the temperature of the potatoes?
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Why Are My Potatoes Discolored After Cooking?

Aug 19, 2015
Q: I Rinsed, Peeled, soaked, cut, and boiled my potatoes. Then drained, sprinkled sparingly with apple cider vinegar (for potato salad), cooled 15 minutes, covered with large plate over bowl and refrigerated them. One hour later, removed from fridge to assemble potato salad and all the potatoes were showing dark, blackish shadows. Can they still be made into potato salad?
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Is Glyphosate Applied To Idaho® Potatoes?

Aug 15, 2015
Q: Is glyphosate (the active ingredient in the broad-spectrum herbicide Roundup) applied at any point in the production of Idaho potatoes?  
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Baking 90 Count Potatoes For 250 People

Aug 12, 2015
Q: I read your article about cooking large quantities of baked potatoes and putting them in a cooler to keep them hot. We do a fish dinner every year during Lent and cook about 250 potatoes a week for 6 weeks.  Do you have any data on how long it takes for the baked potatoes to reach 185 degrees F? We wrap (I know, I know) the potatoes and put about 30-35 potatoes on a full size sheet pan. We put in two racks per oven. Normally we set the commercial gas oven to 500 degrees F. Is it better to cook them at 400 degrees F?
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Can I Home Cook And Freeze Hashbrowns For Later?

Aug 9, 2015
Q: I want to bake a bunch of russet potatoes, let them cool and then cut into chunks and freeze for hash browns. Would this work?
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What Is The Difference Between Potatoes Best Suited For French Fries Vs. Potato Chips?

Aug 5, 2015
Q: What is the difference between a potato that is best suited for French fries and a potato that is best for making potato chips? Is it the kind of potato? The way they are grown?
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Storing Potatoes And Dealing With Black Spots

Aug 3, 2015
Q: We have a restaurant located in Mountain Home, Arkansas. We buy all of our restaurant needs from Performance Foodservice.  We are currently buying your potatoes (approximately 15 to 20 cases per week).  When our delivery comes (twice a week), our potatoes come in off the truck and appear to be in good condition, wet and cool from the humidity from a refrigerated truck.  The potatoes temp between 50-55 degrees.  It has been a very hot and humid summer here.  Today, for instance, our heat index are in the triple digits.  The potatoes appear to be solid and in good shape.  We bring them into the restaurant, we have a stored area under a window with a window air conditioner blowing right on them.  We immediately foil wrap about 3/4 of them and put them back under the window until the potatoes are used.  The air conditioner is set as low as it can go, but at times, it seems blows out warm-ish air.  We use the potatoes within a week.  When we take the potatoes over to start wrapping them, some of the potatoes have black spots on them (pictures attached).  Some that appear to be good are wrapped and stored but when cooked they turn to mush and stink.  We do cook them in foil.  We tried cooking them without foil but customers complained about them getting cold.  It does get very hot in the kitchen.  We have had to complain to our vendor on a weekly basis for the past 6-8 weeks.  Do you feel it is something on the vendor’s side or are we doing something wrong in our restaurant? Any information and advice would be greatly appreciated.  
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I Eat A Baked Potato Every Night And Would Like To Prepare Ahead Of Time

Jul 31, 2015
Q: I eat a baked potato every night and would like to prepare ahead of time. Can I bake 3 at a time and keep them in the refrigerator? Will they still have the same nutrition as baked daily?  
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The Perfect Potato For Potato Salad

Jul 29, 2015
Q: I am trying to find potatoes that don't have a sweet taste and stay firm when done cooking, so they can be used for potato salad, and don't turn in to a mashed potato. Where can I get them and what is there name. I am frustrated because I can't find the right potato to make my favorite potato salad. Please help me find the right potato.
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