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How Can I Prepare Potatoes Safely to Be Served Considering COVID-19?

Oct 8, 2021
Q: We will be passing out for baking 40 potatoes to each person in our group preparing for a small town summer festival. All potatoes will be wrapped initially in foil to prevent contamination during this time of covid. I had suggested 375 degrees for between 90 and 120 minutes. Is there a better way? 
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Does Wrapping Potatoes in Foil Increase Risk of Bacteria?

Oct 1, 2021
Q: I had read somewhere that wrapping potatoes in foil after cooking increases risk of bacteria etc growing should they remain sitting for a long time. Thoughts?  
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Why Are My Potatoes Turning Pink After Boiling?

Sep 24, 2021
Q: Dr. Potato, a chef contacted our distribution center today complaining about his potatoes turning an odd, pinkish color after boiling for a recipe. What could this be and what can be done about it?
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What Are the Brown Spots I See as I Mash My Potatoes?

Aug 24, 2021
Q: I bought some small yellow potatoes then peeled and boiled them for mashed potatoes. When they were cooked and I started mashing them and I noticed some brown spots in the bowl. I have never encountered this before in a potato. I tried to look it up and all I could find was "hollow heart" and I know it’s not that (or at least I don’t think so). Can you please explain what this is?
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Did My Boiled Potatoes Sit Out Too Long?

Jul 29, 2021
Q: I boiled my white potatoes, drained drained off the hot water when done and let them cool off in the pot on the counter for 4 hours before peeling them. Was that too long sitting out?  Also, some of them looked like Yukon Golds after they were cooked, is this normal?
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Will a Potato Retain its Vitamins if Put into the Refrigerator overnight?

Jul 6, 2021
Q: After being cut in half and put into a refrigerator overnight, will a potato retain its vitamins.  
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Does a Potato Lose its Nutritional Value When Cooked?

Jun 29, 2021
Q: Does a potato lose its nutritional value or fiber content when baked, fried or microwaved?  
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Summer Potato Grilling Recipes

Jun 21, 2021
Q: Do you have any recipes for potatoes that involve grilling? With summer in full swing my favorite way to cook is outside on the grill.
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I Left My Cubed Potatoes on the Counter Overnight, are They Safe to Eat?

Jun 14, 2021
Q: Hello I cubed about 2 pounds of potatoes last night and put them in olive oil and seasoning, then left them covered in a glass bowl on the counter. I wanted to bake them tonight for dinner, but I'm not sure if these are safe to eat. Please advise.
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Have Potatoes Changed Over the Years?

May 12, 2021
Q: Have potatoes changed over the years? I've noticed that they seem to be more starchy and repel water content when cooked. Can you please explain this?
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