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What are the Small Exterior Cracks in the Skin of a Potato?

Jun 6, 2019
Q: I’m a long-time retail produce manager and notice that sometimes new shipments of potatoes in consumer bags and (more noticeably) in bulk cartons have little exterior cracks in the skin. These resemble thumbnail impressions and I don’t know what to say to customers that question what these little indentations are all about. Can you shed some light on the matter?
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Any Tips for Selling Fresh Potato Chips?

May 7, 2019
Q: I have a customer that would like to sell fresh Idaho® potato chips in their deli departments. They are struggling with this project and wondering if you had any insight on how they should be preparing them? 
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How Long Can Home Fries Stay Out in Room Temperature and Still Be Safe to Eat?

Apr 15, 2019
Q: How long can home fries stay out in room temperature and still be safe to eat when sealed in a plastic take out container?
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Difference Between Idaho® Potatoes and Sweet Potatoes

Apr 8, 2019
Q: Dr. Potato, if you were stuck on a deserted island with only one choice, would you rather have Idaho® potatoes or sweet potatoes?
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Idaho® Potatoes and Carbohydrates

Apr 3, 2019
Q: I’m thinking about cutting back on carbohydrates, but still love to eat Idaho® potatoes. How exactly do potatoes fit into the whole, anti-carb diet craze?
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Are All of the Nutrients in the Skin of the Potato?

Mar 29, 2019
Q: I’ve always heard that potato nutrition is all in the skin. My wife says this is just a myth. Who’s correct?
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Where Can I Buy Idaho® Potatoes in the United States?

Mar 27, 2019
Q: I grew up watching 'Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?' Now I’m grown up, and with my enriched knowledge of geography I want to know: Where in the U.S. can I find delicious, fresh Idaho® Potatoes?
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Can I Eat Idaho® Potatoes and Still Lose Weight?

Mar 8, 2019
Q: I love, love, love Idaho® potatoes. However, I’d also love to lose the love handles and get my weight under control. Is it possible to include Idaho potatoes in a weight-management program?
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Will Consuming Idaho® Potatoes with Green Patches Make Me Sick?

Feb 27, 2019
Q: Dr. Potato, I know that long exposure to light makes the potato skin turn a greenish color. I’ve always just peeled away the green and used the potatoes as normal without any issues. Other people have told me this isn’t safe to do. What does the science say about this?
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If I Remove Sprouts Off My Stored Potatoes, Will It Increase Their Storage Life?

Feb 20, 2019
Q: Some of my stored potatoes are sprouting. My question is, will removing the sprouts from the stored potatoes increase their storage life? No light, stored at 48°F, fairly high humidity in unheated area in the basement.
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