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Is A Boiled Potato Left Out All Night Safe For Consumption?

Apr 22, 2016
Q: We boiled potatoes last night and they were left out at room temperature all night are they safe to eat?
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How Long Can I Keep Pre-Cooked Blanched French Fry Strips?

Apr 20, 2016
Q: I’ve got all the equipment and started exploring doing fresh French fries. I have a couple of questions that were not covered in the Fresh French Fry kitchen wall poster that you sent earlier. My questions are: What is the maximum time that the cut fries can be held in soaking water? Holding the cut fries in a plastic bucket of water, this process is entirely at room temperature, correct? Once the fries are blanched, held in water and then finally go into the refrigerator, generally how long can they be held before frying and not get soggy?
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What Is The Baking Time Of An Idaho® Potato At 250 Degrees?

Apr 18, 2016
Q: How long would it take to bake an Idaho potato at 250 degrees? Thank you!
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What is the preference for fries in the USA?

Apr 16, 2016
Q: Do people prefer 1/4 or 3/8 French fries more? How do I adapt to Burbank russet potatoes that are old and at end of the season? Do adjust the same way to both? Does it matter what temperature you blanch at between 250-300? Depends on preference fry cut? Thanks
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How Do I Replicate Restaurant Style Hash Browns?

Apr 14, 2016
Q: Dr. Potato - With hash browns Is there a way to get the same consistency with fresh potatoes as with frozen hash browns? In a restaurant hash browns are brown and crispy on the outside and inside you can still see the separate, individual strands. The same thing happens with frozen packaged hash browns from the store. The interior strands can still be seen and are relatively dry. If I cook fresh hash browns at home the interior strands are very moist. I rinse the potatoes after they have been shredded until the water is clear. I squeeze all of the water out of them before I cook them. But I still get a very moist amalgamation of potatoes on the interior of the hash browns rather than individual strands. How can I get hash browns at home that are identical to restaurant or store bought frozen? Thanks!
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What Temperature Can I Keep Baked Potatoes Warm At?

Apr 12, 2016
Q: What temperature should I use to keep pre-baked potatoes warm in a roaster oven for about 4 hours? There will be about 18-20 potatoes.
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No. 1 Potatoes Versus No. 2 Potatoes For Fresh Made Fries In My Restaurant

Apr 9, 2016
Q: For fresh cut French fries I have noticed this season that there isn't much difference in the price of an 80 or 90 count No. 1 potato versus a No. 2. Are there other advantages to using a No. 1 potato for my fries?
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Should I Boil My Peeled Russet Potatoes Whole Or Cut Into Chunks For A Salad?

Apr 7, 2016
Q: Should I leave my potatoes whole or cut them into chunks for boiling peeled russet potatoes for a salad?
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If I Leave Peeled Potatoes in Water Overnight, Will They Lose Their Vitamin C?

Apr 5, 2016
Q: If I leave peeled potatoes in water overnight, will they lose their vitamin C?
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Why Do Some Potatoes Have Lines in Them?

Apr 1, 2016
Q: Why do some potatoes have lines in them? Is that good or bad?
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