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Do No. 1 Potatoes have Better Yields than No 2’s?

Mar 2, 2018
Q: I have a customer using No. 2 potatoes for fresh cut fries, by I’m thinking that No. 1 potatoes have a better yield, right? With less nicks, bruising, pointed tips, etc., wouldn't the No. 1 yield less shorts (equals longer fries) that cover more of the plate? This would then mean more portions per case, correct?
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Are Yukon Gold Potatoes A Large Potato? If So Why Are They So Small In The Store?

Jan 26, 2017
Q: In researching Yukon Gold Potatoes it says they are a large potato. If that is correct why are the Idaho Gold Potatoes I find in the grocery store so small and lumpy?
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Dr. Potato 2015 “Is It Real?” What Does The Great Big Idaho Potato Truck “Spud” Really Look Like Without Its Clothes?

Apr 2, 2015
Q: Some people may be fooled, but I’m not. That giant Idaho potato that has been touring the country isn’t real. I want to know what it looks like underneath that russet colored skin.
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What Size Potato Should I Buy For My Restaurant?

Oct 3, 2014
Q: What size potato should I buy for my restaurant? I serve baked, homemade mashed and home fries (you know those cut up potatoes cooked on a griddle or flat top with onions and sometimes peppers or mushrooms).
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Why Did My Baked Potatoes Turn Brown?

Sep 18, 2014
Q: Why did my baked potatoes turn brown on the inside when they were baked? We baked a large order of baked potatoes for fundraising events using convection ovens. We baked at 425 degrees F for about 1 hour 15 minutes to 1 hour 30 minutes. Most of the time they turn out great but the last batch were 90 count potatoes and turn brown on the inside. We normally only use the 100 count sized potatoes.
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Use The Right Potato For The Job

Aug 17, 2014
Q: I’ve noticed that some chefs call for the same size potato for multiple uses, kind of an all-purpose size. They typically call for an Idaho® Russet. As a culinary student I find this confusing… it seems like it would cost more to buy a big potato when you are just going to cut it up.
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How to Improve My Frozen Fries

Jul 25, 2014
Q: Can you give me some tips to fix the fry problem at my burger joint? I use the same frozen potato supplier, the same vegetable oil, the same dedicated potato fryer and yet I still get complaints. What’s up with that? Every time I work the line the potatoes seem to be just fine. The customer complaints are in order of issues that come up frequently: fries are too soggy, fries are too dark, fries from one batch are both dark and light, and fries are little bitty pieces.
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High Potato Prices

Nov 22, 2013
Q: High prices on cartons of potatoes are killing me, what happened, versus last year at this same time?
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The perfect baked potato to pair with a steak

Jul 19, 2013
Q: What is the perfect baked potato to pair with a steak?
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Length and Circumference of a Potato

May 3, 2013
Q: What is the average length and circumference of a raw potato?
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