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Top 5 Ways to Store Potatoes at Home

Mar 26, 2020
Q: I bought three 10 lb bags Idaho® Potatoes at the store and I'm wondering what is the best way to store them to extend their shelf life?
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My Potatoes Were Stored Correctly and Still Turned Green, Please Help!

Mar 23, 2020
Q: I bought a bag of white potatoes and stored in humid area, covered well, and they turned green. Why would this happen?
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Is Glyphosate Applied To Idaho® Potatoes?

Mar 1, 2020
Q: Is glyphosate (the active ingredient in the broad-spectrum herbicide Roundup) applied at any point in the production of Idaho potatoes?
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Do Some Varieties of Potatoes Have Less Starch Than Others?

Feb 20, 2020
Q: Regarding starch in potatoes…do some varieties have less starch than others?
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Do I need to Cold Rinse and Drain Ribbon Fries Before Frying?

Feb 13, 2020
Q: I want to make Ribbon fries, but need to know the first step…is it best to cut, cold rinse, drain and then fry? Or can you just cut and fry?
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Why Are My Hands Oily After Handling Frozen French Fries?

Feb 7, 2020
Q: Why is it that when I take out frozen French fries from the bag to cook my hands are sometimes greasy afterwards?
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Our Potatoes and Carrots Didn’t Cook in the Stew

Jan 17, 2020
Q: Our potatoes & carrots didn't cook in the stew and we’re not sure why, can you please help. We used tomato soup for the broth and read that this might be the cause.
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Can I Refrigerate Blanched French Fries?

Jan 13, 2020
Q: I am starting a food truck and want to offer fresh-cut loaded fries. My question is…after the first fry, can we refrigerate (not freeze) the fries? That way when someone orders, we only need to fry once. 
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How Do I Keep Shredded Hashbrowns from Turning Dark?

Dec 27, 2019
Q: I own a restaurant and we make a ton of potato pancakes. How do we keep 30 pounds of shredded potatoes from turning dark while storing them?
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I’m Using a Raw Potato for Holiday Card Prints, How Long Will the Potato Last in the Refrigerator?

Dec 20, 2019
Q: I'm carving a raw white potato to make potato prints for my holiday cards. How long will a raw carved potato keep in the fridge?
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