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Will Consuming Idaho® Potatoes with Green Patches Make Me Sick?

Feb 27, 2019
Q: Dr. Potato, I know that long exposure to light makes the potato skin turn a greenish color. I’ve always just peeled away the green and used the potatoes as normal without any issues. Other people have told me this isn’t safe to do. What does the science say about this?
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If I Remove Sprouts Off My Stored Potatoes, Will It Increase Their Storage Life?

Feb 20, 2019
Q: Some of my stored potatoes are sprouting. My question is, will removing the sprouts from the stored potatoes increase their storage life? No light, stored at 48°F, fairly high humidity in unheated area in the basement.
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How Do I Prevent Potatoes from Turning Black When Frying or Cooking?

Feb 13, 2019
Q: How do we prevent potatoes that we planted from turning black when frying or cooking  (not when peeling)?
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What is the Calorie Content of the Potato Skin?

Feb 8, 2019
Q: I understand that there are 110 calories in an medium size potato. Can you tell me the calorie content of the SKIN of the baked potato? Thank you!
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Do You Have a Foodservice Potato-Based Business Plan for My College Course?

Feb 5, 2019
Q: I am a college student in the final semester of a Marketing and Management program. For my Entrepreneurship class, we have been assigned to create a business plan. I am wondering what, if any, help would be available for a foodservice potato-based business? My idea is a food truck or a small fast food establishment that serves everything potato: Stuffed baked potatoes, fresh fries, hash browns, mashed potatoes, and dishes such as chili-stuffed baked potatoes, BBQ pork stuffed baked potatoes, poutine, Grandpa’s Noodles (chicken noodle soup over mashed) etc. My background is in cooking, I am a disabled veteran of the US Army and have been working in the foodservice industry for 30 years. Thank you for any advice or direction you may have to offer.
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What Can I Do to Minimize Sprouting on My Idaho® Potatoes?

Jan 21, 2019
Q: Dr. Potato: Eek! My potatoes are coming to life! I’m a larger foodservice distributor, it’s mid-January and I’m having issues with our Idaho potatoes beginning to sprout in our warehouse. We’ve had these few loads about three weeks, and we store the potatoes in a 55°F area. What can we do to minimize the sprouting?
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Dr Potato 2018 - The Most Searched Questions and Answers for Idaho® Potato Tips

Dec 27, 2018
Q: Just want to thank Dr. Potato for all of the great Idaho potato tips; I have used them frequently over the past several years. Just out of curiosity, what are the most searched for posts?
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My Red Potatoes Are Yellow Inside, is this Okay?

Dec 21, 2018
Q: The last several 5 lb bags of “Red" potatoes we've bought have a pastel yellow cast to them, instead of being white when peeled. Previously, the potatoes we bought were white, which looked better when mashed. What's up, are these not from Idaho?
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Will Peeled Potatoes Absorb Water?

Dec 17, 2018
Q:  If I peeled potatoes & store them in cold water, will they absorb the water?
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Turkey Day Mashed Potato Tips from the Doctor, aka Dr. Potato

Nov 21, 2018
Q: How can I become a potato expert for one of the most important days of the year that family celebrates together – Thanksgiving? I was asked to bring the mashed potatoes. I moved away when I graduated from high school and when at my home I depend on the packages of dry mashed potato mix. These are so consistent, quick and economical when I want a side of potatoes. They are great, but not homemade. What do I need to know to make foolproof mashed potatoes that everyone will rave about?
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