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Potassium, A Natural Electrolyte, Is Abundant In Potatoes

Apr 14, 2015
Q: I have heard that potatoes have as much potassium as a banana, is that true?
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I Eat A Baked Potato Every Night…

Mar 21, 2015
Q: I eat a baked potato every night. I am wondering, can I bake 3 at a time and keep them in the refrigerator? Will they still have the same nutrition as baked daily?
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Healthier Baked Potato For 2015

Dec 24, 2014
Q: I love baked potatoes but tend to go overboard on the toppings, any suggestions for a healthier 2015?
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My Mother Was Recently Placed On A Low-Sodium Diet

Jul 19, 2014
Q: This is a nutrition question that wasn’t answered on your (very comprehensive) FAQ page. My mother was recently placed on a low-sodium diet. We enjoy eating baked potatoes at restaurants, and some of the establishments we frequent salt the skin of the potatoes before baking. We understand there to be very little sodium in an unsalted baked potato. However, if one were to eat a baked potato prepared with a salted skin, and did not eat the skin (only the inside), is much of that sodium absorbed? Or does it primarily remain on the skin and the inside could be viewed as having relatively low sodium content? I’m hoping that a nutritionist or food science associated with your commission might be able to provide perspective on this, because we really would like to continue to enjoy baked potatoes at restaurants.
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Nutritionally, Am I Saving Calories By Eating A Plain Sweet Potato Instead Of An Idaho® Baked Potato?

Feb 19, 2014
Q: I love potatoes but a lot of my friends make faces at me when I order them baked instead of choosing a baked sweet potato. Other than that carotene thing, are sweet potatoes that much more nutritious?
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The Best Way To Boil Idaho® Potatoes

Sep 20, 2013
Q: What's the best way to boil Idaho® Potatoes?
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How To Get The Most Nutrition Out Of An Idaho® Potato

Aug 30, 2013
Q: How do I get the most nutrition out of Idaho® Potatoes?
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Fixing a Healthy Potato

Oct 5, 2012
Q: I’m on a diet, but I don’t want to cut out carbs. How should I fix a potato that’s healthy for me to eat?
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What is the Nutritional Information of Different Varieties of Potatoes?

Sep 14, 2012
Q: For people trying to lose weight, there’s a debate about whether or not we should eat potatoes. I know potatoes are high in carbs, but I understand they are also very nutritious. Where can I find nutritional information of the different varieties of potatoes?
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Tips for Making Potato Salad

Jul 26, 2012
Q: I'm almost embarrassed to admit that I'm in my 50’s and have never made potato salad from scratch but that's the way it is. :-) I have two questions for you:  Can I cut up the potatoes (plain old brown potatoes) BEFORE I cook them and, if I do, HOW LONG more or less should I boil them? All the recipes seem to say “until soft” but they never actually give a time for me to check and it seems silly to stand next to the stove to poke a fork into the potatoes every couple of minutes. 10 minutes? 15? 20? Is there a good reason why the potatoes need to be peeled as long as I’ve scrubbed them clean?
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