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Why Are My Fresh Cut Fries Turning Dark So Quickly?

Sep 6, 2017
Q: I’m not doing anything different with my fresh cut fries but they are turning out dark and limp after sitting for just a few minutes. My sales person said they are transitioning from old crop to new crop. What does that mean?
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Did You Know A Potato Can Heal Itself After Harvest?

Mar 7, 2017
Q: The potatoes I just bought at the store have these little thumbnail cracks all over them, what's Up?
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I Heard That A Potato, Freshly Harvested In The Fall In Idaho Can Heal Itself In Storage. Is That True?

Feb 16, 2017
Q: Seriously, can a potato, freshly harvested in the fall in Idaho heal itself in storage. Is that possibly true? How long does it take? What are signs that this has happened?
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Idaho’s Reputation For Big Potatoes

Mar 19, 2015
Q: Why did Idaho get a reputation for big potatoes?
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Dr. Potato Loves All Potatoes Not Just The One’s Recommended By Prevention Magazine -Organic Potatoes

Feb 7, 2014
Q: Prevention Magazine suggests that consumers pick only organic potatoes for their consumption. While organic is available most times at the markets I shop at, they are more expensive, especially when I buy for my family, usually wanting 5-10 pounds at a time. Are conventional potatoes as bad as they make them out to be?
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High Potato Prices

Nov 22, 2013
Q: High prices on cartons of potatoes are killing me, what happened, versus last year at this same time?
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When Does The Idaho® Potato Planting And Harvesting Season Begin?

Nov 13, 2013
Q: When does the Idaho® potato “planting” and “harvesting” season officially begin and end?
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Harvesting Potatoes

Oct 2, 2012
Q: When I told someone from Idaho that I thought potatoes were continually being planted and harvested all year long, he laughed at me. Isn’t that true?
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Growing Potatoes

Mar 6, 2012
Q: We want to grow Idaho® russet's in our garden here in eastern Oklahoma. We are much warmer and more humid than Idaho and we wonder if the potatoes would do well here. Also, I have been unable to find where I can buy starts. Do you know of any garden companies that sell them?
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When are Idaho Russet Burbanks Harvested?

Dec 30, 2011
Q: When are Idaho Russet Burbanks harvested?
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