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Can I Freeze Blanched or Fully Cooked Hasselback Potatoes?

Jun 18, 2019
Q: Hello Dr. Potato! I'm trying out new recipes and going to attempt Hasselback potatoes using Idaho’s. My question is I'd like to "meal prep" them, so can I freeze Hasselbacks that are blanched or should I cook them completely first?
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Would It Be Better To Freeze, Keep, Or Toss My Potato Salad?

Dec 1, 2016
Q: I made home made potato salad last night and immediately refrigerated it. Just got a call the dinner is cancelled - flu! How long will the potato salad last? Will it help to freeze it and thaw slowly, because the dinner is rescheduled for next weekend.
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Can I Freeze German Potato Salad?

Jun 7, 2016
Q: Can you freeze German potato salad (no mayo/dairy)?
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How to Improve My Frozen Fries

Jul 25, 2014
Q: Can you give me some tips to fix the fry problem at my burger joint? I use the same frozen potato supplier, the same vegetable oil, the same dedicated potato fryer and yet I still get complaints. What’s up with that? Every time I work the line the potatoes seem to be just fine. The customer complaints are in order of issues that come up frequently: fries are too soggy, fries are too dark, fries from one batch are both dark and light, and fries are little bitty pieces.
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Exterior Cracks In My Potatoes

Jun 20, 2014
Q: I am a grocer and I recently have been experiencing exterior cracks in my potatoes. I know it is not a defect when they are inspected but my concern is that that the bigger cuts keep consumers from buying them.
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Should I Be Making My Fries With Fresh Potatoes

Jun 9, 2014
Q: I’ve owned and operated several restaurants and now am opening a gourmet fresh burger place. Should I be making my fries from fresh potatoes?
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Can I Freeze Mashed Potatoes?

Jan 11, 2014
Q: I made more potatoes than I needed for a party, now I need to know…can I freeze Mashed potatoes?
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Can I Freeze Cooked Scalloped Potatoes?

Dec 9, 2013
Q: I made enough scalloped potatoes to feed everyone in my town.  Can I freeze them?
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Are My Black Potatoes Still Good To Eat?

Nov 25, 2013
Q: I cut up vegetables and put them along with a chuck roast in a freezer bag, to have a meal ready for the crock pot when I had surgery. I took the bag out of the freezer last night, dumped the ingredients in the crock pot and refrigerated until this morning. It has been cooking on low for 5 hours and all of the potatoes are black. After researching, I found I should have blanched them first.  Are they still good to eat?
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Can I Partially Cook My Idaho® Potatoes And Reheat For Later Use?

Nov 20, 2013
Q: I would like to know if I can partially cook my potatoes and then slice them thinly, like Hasselback potatoes, and freeze them for later use? I enjoy grilling my potatoes with onion between the slices, but after work there just isn’t enough time. Freezing them would make things easier, and then I could just grab it out of the freezer and pop it on the grill.
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