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What Causes Runny Or Wet Potato Salad?

Sep 18, 2017
Q: What causes runny or wet potato salad?
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Are Idaho Russets Considered A Waxy Potato?

Jul 7, 2017
Q: Are Idaho® Potatoes considered waxy? I found a delicious sounding recipe for a potato salad that calls for waxy potatoes. All I have at home at Idaho russets.
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The Perfect Potato For Potato Salad

Jul 29, 2015
Q: I am trying to find potatoes that don't have a sweet taste and stay firm when done cooking, so they can be used for potato salad, and don't turn in to a mashed potato. Where can I get them and what is there name. I am frustrated because I can't find the right potato to make my favorite potato salad. Please help me find the right potato.
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Moving Potatoes Into The Salad Bowl

Sep 28, 2014
Q: At a conference I overheard a chef say she was moving potatoes into the salad bowl on her menu, but never caught the rest of the conversation. Besides the obvious, potato salad... what might she have been talking about?
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Making Potato Salad for 100 People

Jul 29, 2014
Q: In making potato salad for 100 people how many potatoes will I need? Do you have recipe that feeds that many?
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I Need A Recipe For A Potato Salad That Does Not Require Refrigeration

Jul 21, 2014
Q: I have been invited to a barbeque and would like to make potato salad for the event. I need a recipe for a salad that does not require refrigeration. Do you know of one? No mayonnaise of course.
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What Can I Use As A Dressing For Potato Salad Other Than Mustard Or Mayo?

Jul 15, 2014
Q: What can I use as a dressing for potato salad when my family doesn't like mustard or mayonnaise?
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Is It Ok To Leave Boiled Or Baked Potatoes Out Overnight For Potato Salad?

Apr 29, 2014
Q: Is it ok to leave boiled or baked potatoes out overnight for potato salad?
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What Size Idaho® Potatoes Should I Buy?

Sep 6, 2013
Q: What size Idaho® potatoes should I buy?
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Tips for Making Potato Salad

Jul 26, 2012
Q: I'm almost embarrassed to admit that I'm in my 50’s and have never made potato salad from scratch but that's the way it is. :-) I have two questions for you:  Can I cut up the potatoes (plain old brown potatoes) BEFORE I cook them and, if I do, HOW LONG more or less should I boil them? All the recipes seem to say “until soft” but they never actually give a time for me to check and it seems silly to stand next to the stove to poke a fork into the potatoes every couple of minutes. 10 minutes? 15? 20? Is there a good reason why the potatoes need to be peeled as long as I’ve scrubbed them clean?
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