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Which Variety of Potato Would Soak Up The Most Liquid In a Breakfast Casserole?

May 10, 2024
Q: I plan to use potatoes instead of bread in a breakfast casserole. I need the potatoes to be absorbent. Which variety of potato would soak up the most liquid?
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From A Chain Operator Point Of View, Are There Any Advantages To Storing Potatoes In A Distributor Warehouse At A Warmer Temperature For Better French Fry Applications?

Apr 26, 2024
Q: From a chain operator point of view, are there any advantages to storing potatoes in a distributor warehouse at a warmer (55F) temperature for better French fry applications? I’ve heard this may or may not be so. If so, what are the advantages. Any disadvantages? 
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Should I Peel The Greenish White Potatoes Before Using In Crockpot Dishes? Or Boiling?

Mar 22, 2024
Q: Should I peel the greenish white potatoes before using in crockpot dishes? Or boiling?
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Will Overly Sugary Potatoes Contaminate My Fryer Oil And Cause All Future Fries To Turn Out Dark Until I Change Out The Oil?

Mar 22, 2024
Q: Will overly sugary potatoes contaminate my fryer oil and cause all future fries to turn out dark until I change out the oil?
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I Will Be Making Boiled Potatoes For A St. Patrick's Day Party, How Long Can I Keep Them In A Food Warmer Cabinet?

Mar 15, 2024
Q: I will be making boiled potatoes for a St. Patrick's Day party, how long can I keep them in a food warmer cabinet?
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My Potatoes Are Still Crunchy After Being In The Crockpot For 6-7 Hours. How Do I Make Them Soft Now?

Feb 9, 2024
Q: I made potato soup in the crockpot. Yesterday. Cooked on high for 6 to 7 hours. Potatoes are still crunchy. Is there a way I can make them soft now? Or do I have to throw it away?
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Are Potatoes In Water For 5 Days Still Good?

Jan 19, 2024
Q: Are potatoes in water for 5 days still good?
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If My Potatoes Are Soft What Is The Best Way To Cook Them?

Jan 12, 2024
Q: If my potatoes are soft what is the best way to cook them?
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If I Wash Unpeeled Potatoes And Leave Them On A Baking Sheet In The Cooler And There Is A Small Amount Of Water On The Tray Overnight, Will That Be Absorbed By The Potato And Affect How It Bakes?

Jan 5, 2024
Q: If I wash unpeeled potatoes and leave them on a baking sheet in the cooler and there is a small amount of water on the tray overnight, will that be absorbed by the potato and affect how it bakes?
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Is There An Alternate Method For Wrapping A Potato That Doesn't Contain The Risks Mentioned Using Foil?

Dec 8, 2023
Q: I read an article regarding the use of Aluminum Foil to bake a potato and that it should not be used. Nowhere in that article did it mention an alternative method to wrap the potato for baking. Is there an alternate method for wrapping a potato that doesn't contain the risks mentioned using foil?
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