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If I Remove Sprouts Off My Stored Potatoes, Will It Increase Their Storage Life?

Feb 20, 2019
Q: Some of my stored potatoes are sprouting. My question is, will removing the sprouts from the stored potatoes increase their storage life? No light, stored at 48°F, fairly high humidity in unheated area in the basement.
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What Can I Do to Minimize Sprouting on My Idaho® Potatoes?

Jan 21, 2019
Q: Dr. Potato: Eek! My potatoes are coming to life! I’m a larger foodservice distributor, it’s mid-January and I’m having issues with our Idaho potatoes beginning to sprout in our warehouse. We’ve had these few loads about three weeks, and we store the potatoes in a 55°F area. What can we do to minimize the sprouting?
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Dr Potato 2018 - The Most Searched Questions and Answers for Idaho® Potato Tips

Dec 27, 2018
Q: Just want to thank Dr. Potato for all of the great Idaho potato tips; I have used them frequently over the past several years. Just out of curiosity, what are the most searched for posts?
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Will Peeled Potatoes Absorb Water?

Dec 17, 2018
Q:  If I peeled potatoes & store them in cold water, will they absorb the water?
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Is it Okay to Store Potatoes in Water for Over 24 Hours?

Jul 23, 2018
Q: Is there any health risk from storing potatoes in water in the refrigerator for longer than 24 hours?
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Is There A Time Of Year Or Type Of Potato That Has A Higher Content Of Sugar?

Nov 28, 2017
Q: Is there a time of year or type of potato that has a higher content of sugar?
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I Cut Too Many Potatoes How Long Can They Be Kept In The Refrigerator Covered?

Nov 14, 2017
Q: I cut too many potatoes how long can they be kept in the refrigerator covered?
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Testing My Idaho Potatoes For Sugar Accumulation With Diabetic Test Strips. Anything More Advanced Available?

Oct 2, 2017
Q: Testing my Idaho Potatoes for sugar accumulation with Diabetic Test Strips for fresh cut French fries. Anything more advanced available?
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How Should I Store Potatoes In A Warm Climate? Can They Be Kept In Fridge?

Sep 11, 2017
Q: How should I store potatoes in a warm climate? Can they be kept in fridge?
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Any Tips On Storing Potatoes At Home Once I Have Washed Them?

Mar 9, 2017
Q: Any tips on storing potatoes at home once I have washed them and wrapped in foil?
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