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How To Keep Idaho® Potatoes From Turning Brown After Boiling

Jan 11, 2018
Q: After boiling potatoes, how can I keep them from turning brown overnight so I can make potato salad the next day?
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My Potatoes Turned Pink After Peeling

Dec 13, 2017
Q: We prepared a lot of russet potatoes for mashing by peeling first, then placing the whole potatoes in water before boiling. The potatoes turned pink, any thoughts on what caused this?
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What Size Potato Should I Buy For My Restaurant?

Oct 3, 2014
Q: What size potato should I buy for my restaurant? I serve baked, homemade mashed and home fries (you know those cut up potatoes cooked on a griddle or flat top with onions and sometimes peppers or mushrooms).
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My Potatoes Turned Black, Are They Okay To Eat?

Aug 19, 2014
Q: I sliced up peeled potatoes and tossed them in oil and butter to cook them in a shallow aluminum tray. Then I covered them overnight and many of them turned black. If we bake them, are they okay to eat?
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The Best Hand-Cut Idaho® French Fry Yield

Jul 11, 2014
For the best hand-cut Idaho® French fry yield, we recommend using U.S. grade No. 1 fresh Idaho® Potatoes, 7-15 oz. packed 90 to 70 count in 50...
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Can You Peel Potatoes With Sandpaper?

Jul 3, 2014
Q: Hi Doc, I was wondering if I could peel potatoes with sandpaper and is it safe?
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Proper Steps to Storing Peeled Potatoes

Mar 5, 2014
Q: How long can you store peeled potatoes? Will peeled potatoes go bad if left out of the refrigerator? Can cubed peeled potatoes sit in water overnight? Can you peel raw potatoes and leave them in water overnight?
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New Potato Peeler

Oct 8, 2013
Q: Why is my new potato peeler often difficult to use?
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Cooking peeled potatoes

Aug 14, 2012
Q: If I want to peel my potato by boiling the skins off, do I have to continue boiling the potato for more than 15 minutes to cook it fully?
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Potatoes Turning Black After Being Cooked and Peeled in a Commercial Peeler

May 15, 2012
Q: We need some help identifying a problem with the potatoes turning grey to black in color after cooking.  These are potatoes that are cubed and cooked in a combi steamer open pan during the cooking process. A few variables: Fresh whole potatoes are stored in a walk-in cooler at approximately 42°F Potatoes are peeled in a commercial potato drum type peeler They are cooked uncovered in standard hotel-type deep metal casserole pan The grey to black coloring always occurs after cooking.  Sometimes the potatoes are prepped the day before cooking and held in a large plastic container with water and ascorbic acid added (lemon juice), but do not discolor prior to cooking.
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