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Are Slightly Soft Potatoes Okay To Cook & Eat?

May 11, 2016
Q: Is it ok to cook and eat slightly soft potatoes?  
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What Is The Baking Time Of An Idaho® Potato At 250 Degrees?

Apr 18, 2016
Q: How long would it take to bake an Idaho potato at 250 degrees? Thank you!
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My Potatoes Were Green All the Way to The Center and Not Just the Skins.

Mar 14, 2016
Q: My potatoes were green all the way to the center and not just the skins, which is common when exposed to sunlight. Are these safe to eat and how do I prevent this from happening in the future? As it happened to all the sizes, even the ones deep in the soil not exposed to the light.
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Which Uses More Oil When Frying, Fresh Cut or Frozen Fries?

Mar 11, 2016
Q: Dr. Potato which uses more oil when frying, fresh cut or frozen fries?
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Should I Poke My Baked Potatoes The Night Before Or Will They Turn Gray?

Feb 6, 2016
Q: I read your Q and A about washing the potatoes and putting them in the oven the night before a work lunch. Would you poke them the night before or in the morning before turning the oven on? Just worried about getting gray streaks through my potato.
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Make Ahead Latkes

Jan 30, 2016
Q: I want to make potato latkes. I want to prep the potatoes including grinding them up in the food processor ahead of time. I will have to travel with them for two hours and latkes are only good as soon as you fry them. What can I do to keep the potato batter from turning brown?
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Can Bacon Share The Oven With Baked Idaho® Potatoes At Breakfast Time?

Jan 27, 2016
Q: Can I bake a potato and bacon at the same temperature in the oven for breakfast? I thought I saw a breakfast stuffed potato and egg recipe from Mr. Food a couple of years ago and want to try this over the holidays.
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Food Blogger: Top Ten Favorite Recipes Of Dr. Potato For 2015:

Dec 28, 2015
Q: Dr. Potato what recipes on your website would you say are your top ten favorite blogger recipes from 2015?
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Why Is The Taste And Crispness Of Fries And Potato Skins Different From The Fifties And Sixties? Or, Goodbye Lard.

Dec 23, 2015
Q: What was used on baked potato skins in the 50's & 60's for a crisp skin? It had a chemical sounding name I think. I have exhausted my searches with no luck. Thanks! It seems like all the flavor has gone out of the French fries at my favorite chains, not like I used to remember them. What happened? Our customers have been asking us to come up with a more healthy way to fix our breakfast potatoes. It is probably the only thing we finish off in the fryer on our menu now. Oven baking just doesn’t have the same crispness.
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How To Double A Slow Cooker Mashed Potato Recipe

Nov 25, 2015
Q: Can the slow cooker mashed potato recipe be doubled from 8 servings to 16 servings and still cook ok in the slow cooker?
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