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“Bowls Trend” Can Truly Soar By Adding Potatoes To The Mix

Dec 15, 2016
Q: I read a recent article in the Packer, where Technomic reports that food bowls are up 29.7% in the entrée category over a five-year time period. Another study, showed that the produce items measured were onions +27%, peppers +21%, tomatoes +20% followed closely by carrots, broccoli and corn according to United Fresh with new growth coming from kale, lemons, and spinach.
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How To Get The Perfect Latkes Or Hash Browns At Home.

Dec 13, 2016
Q: How can I prevent shredded potatoes from darkening when I make Latkes or hash browns? And how do I get a nice crusty exterior?
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Topping My Baked Potato After The Butter What’s The Next Topping?

Dec 9, 2016
Q: Does it matter what order you put the toppings on a baked potato after the butter?
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How Do You Bake Large Quantities Of Baked Potatoes?

Dec 7, 2016
Q: We are having a charity fundraiser selling 1000 baked Idaho Potatoes. In order to save time, we would like to wash, pierce, and wrap the raw potatoes the night before and store them in a cooler. They would be baked the next morning. Is this a safe process?
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Would It Be Better To Freeze, Keep, Or Toss My Potato Salad?

Dec 1, 2016
Q: I made home made potato salad last night and immediately refrigerated it. Just got a call the dinner is cancelled - flu! How long will the potato salad last? Will it help to freeze it and thaw slowly, because the dinner is rescheduled for next weekend.
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The French Fries At Mc Donald’s Are My Favorites, What Variety Of Potato Do They Use?

Nov 29, 2016
Q: The French Fries at Mc Donald’s are my favorites, what variety of potato do they use?
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Bake Ahead Au Gratin Casserole

Nov 23, 2016
Q: Can I bake my au gratin casserole one hour today and finish the last 30 min tomorrow without affecting the flavor?
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Can You Use A Kitchen Aid Mixer To Make Mashed Potatoes?

Nov 23, 2016
Q: My mashed potatoes come out grainy and runny. They were fine until I started using a kitchen aide mixer suggestions?
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How Do I Prevent My Fries From Sticking Together When Frying?

Nov 16, 2016
Q: After cutting my ribbon fries and dropping them in the fryer I have problems with the fries sticking together. What should the frying temperature be?
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Breakfast Tacos Always Should Include Potatoes

Nov 8, 2016
Q: I have a location near a complex of office buildings and want to open for breakfast to take advantage of the opportunity to serve customers walking by from the parking garages to their offices. Any suggestions for breakfast potatoes?
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