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Maine VS. Idaho Potatoes In Production

Jan 9, 2017
Q: I’m from Maine and I recall that my grandparents always told me our state produced more potatoes than any other. Can you shed some light on when we lost the crown as the largest potato state in the USA to Idaho?
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What’s the history on those curly Q style French Fries that chains like Arby’s sell?

Mar 29, 2016
Q: What’s the history on those curly Q style French Fries that chains like Arby’s sell? I love them.
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Why Are Potatoes Sold in Plastic Bags Instead of Mesh?

Jul 29, 2015
Q: Why are potatoes generally sold in plastic bags rather than mesh ones (like onions)? It is my thought that they would store better.
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What does "Break for Potatoes" Mean for Some Kids?

Mar 23, 2015
Q: When I was a kid, growing up in an area in Oregon that was dominated by agriculture I remember getting time off from high school to go pick raspberries and my friends in Idaho got to do this with potatoes. Do school kids still do this?
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Fresh Idaho® Potatoes on the Website

Jul 7, 2011
Q: Is there a place on your website where I can find the brands of fresh Idaho potatoes packed in cartons?
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Idaho Potatoes and our Advanced Storing Facilities

Apr 15, 2011
Q: I read somewhere that Idaho has some of the most advanced potato storage facilities in the world and that russets can be saved for a year or more. Is that true?
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Turpentine Potatoes?

Mar 30, 2011
Q: Years ago I stopped into a little roadhouse somewhere in the deep south. They didn’t have baked potatoes, they had turpentine boiled potato. It had to be the best potato I have ever eaten. Boiling a potato in turpentine does not sound too healthy to me so I would suppose it is more a name than an actual method. Ever hear of it? Know how to make them?
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Giant Baked Idaho® Potatoes at Morton’s Steakhouse

Mar 7, 2011
Q: I have a historical question to ask. Was Morton’s Steakhouse the first major restaurant chain to feature giant baked Idaho® potatoes?
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How Can I Get the Yellow Potato Spikes to Put Into Baked Idaho® Potatoes?

Feb 2, 2011
Q: I would like to have the little yellow potato spikes to put into our Idaho® baked potatoes here at the restaurant, as we are very proud of serving only Idaho® potatoes. How do I go about ordering those for our restaurant?
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Explaining Idaho® Potatoes to Customers

Jun 16, 2010
Q: What’s your favorite way to describe an Idaho® potato on the menu or when we have our servers explain a giant baked Idaho® potato to our guests?
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