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Quick Fix For Watery Mashed Potatoes

Dec 21, 2017
Q: Help, my mashed potatoes turned out watery once again. How can I remedy the situation without looking foolish in front of family and friends?
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Finally, My “Mashed Potatoes” Stayed Bright And Nearly White Instead Of The Usual Gray

Dec 5, 2017
Q: Thank you, my Idaho mashed potatoes turned out white. I followed some of the tips on the Dr. Potato posts… Peel before cooking, Cut in half lengthwise and then put the flat parts on a cutting board. Then I cut into equal sized chunks and placed immediately into a bowl of water with concentrated lemon juice. Drained and added to a pot to put on the stove. I started with cold water and then boiled until a knife pierced the potatoes easily, about twenty minutes. Drained in a colander and added back to the pot and cooked a little more. Scraped the completely cooked chunks into a plastic bowl and put a clean tea towel over the top to keep air out and put the bowl in the refrigerator. I did all this the day before. When it came to Thanksgiving, I brought the potatoes out to room temperature, then microwaved. And, once thoroughly heated added to a ricer. The result was SMOOTH potatoes, no lumps and no gray hue to the potatoes! Finally, I folded in warm cream and melted butter. Put in a covered serving crockpot with some additional chunks of butter. I got raves about my Idaho russet potatoes this year. It’s going to be an annual tradition from now on.
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The Best Tips And Tricks For An Idaho Mashed Potato Demonstation

Nov 21, 2017
Q: I am a student of food and I have volunteered to be on a local television show to talk about how much I love Idaho potatoes as well as demonstrate how to make them. Any tips that might help me get through this and look like an expert?
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What’s A Couple Of Secrets To Perfect Mashed Potatoes

Jun 1, 2017
Q: We are having company over, do you have any secrets for making mashed Idaho russet potatoes? I don’t have a ricer, just an old fashioned masher.
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Breakfast Menu Have Some Holes To Fill With A Creative New Potato Selection. Here's A Road Trip Recommendation.

Feb 14, 2017
Q: Does your breakfast menu have some holes to fill with a creative new potato selection?
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Do You Have A Favorite Preparation Of Potatoes Right Now?

Feb 9, 2017
Q: What is Dr. Potato’s favorite way to eat potatoes right now?
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How To Get A Fluffy Texture In My Mashed Idaho Russet Potatoes

Jan 11, 2017
Q: For mashed potatoes I boiled potatoes with skins on when I usually peel & cut them before boiling. (I must have thought I was making potato salad instead of mashed potatoes.) When they were done I cooled them down so I could handle them. Then peeled them & tried to mash them with a hand masher difficult. Warmed milk & butter, added to potatoes & continued to mash. Potatoes were still stiff. They tasted fine, but I never got the fluffy consistency I usually get when I boil them without skins. Could I have done anything to get the fluffy consistency?
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Are Idaho Yukon Golds An Acceptable Substitute For Idaho Russets To Make Mashed Potatoes?

Dec 27, 2016
Q: For my mashed potato dish instead of using Idaho russets, can I substitute Yukon (yellow flesh) potatoes?
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Can You Use A Kitchen Aid Mixer To Make Mashed Potatoes?

Nov 23, 2016
Q: My mashed potatoes come out grainy and runny. They were fine until I started using a kitchen aide mixer suggestions?
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Can Idaho® potatoes be used to make doughnuts?

Jun 27, 2016
Q: Can Idaho® potatoes be used to make doughnuts?
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