Ask Dr. Potato : Baked Potato Bar
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Can Idaho® Potatoes Be Grown Anywhere

Sep 11, 2018
Q: I’m wondering if you know of any farmers in this area around Chicago that grow Idaho Potatoes (or is that a ridiculous question)?
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Never Store Potatoes On Ice

Apr 18, 2018
Q: Dr. Potato, this is a nice display, but you say there’s something wrong with this picture. What is it?
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How Long Can A Foil Wrapped Potato Sit In A Warmer After It’s Cooked?

Jan 5, 2018
Q: How long after cooking a foil wrapped potato can it sit in a warmer? For instance, I would like to sell wrap cooked potatoes and would like to know how long after cooking them are they good for in the display style warmer case?
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Making Twice Baked Potatoes In Advance

Jan 3, 2018
Q: I am making twice baked potatoes for dinner tomorrow. Can I bake them today and scoop out the meat, add fixings and then finish them off tomorrow?
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Serving Baked Potatoes In A Food Truck

Dec 7, 2017
Q: I want to serve bake potatoes in my food truck. What would be the best and fastest way to cook them?
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What Is A Hearty And Easy Idaho® Potato Dish I Can Make On A Weeknight?

Nov 7, 2017
Q: I’m looking for something hearty that I can serve my family on a weeknight when the weather turns cold. Oh, and some like meat, some don’t so it needs to be flexible enough to accommodate different tastes. We all like potatoes, mostly French fries and mashed potatoes from our favorite restaurants. Any suggestions?
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I Am A Hosting Youth Halloween Party And Want To Know What Would Be The Best Way To Do A Mr. Potato Head Project?

Oct 16, 2017
Q: I am hosting a youth Halloween party and I want to do a "Mr. Potato Head" project with 20-30 next week. I need to know: 1) If I bake the potatoes ahead of time, then put them into the refrigerator, how long can they stay out at room temperature while the kids decorate them? 2) Then what is the best way to reheat them so the kids can eat them?
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Keeping Potatoes Warm For An Extend Period Of Time For A Large Group

Oct 23, 2015
Q: I will be serving a baked potato bar for my son's graduation (150-200 people). I planned on cutting in half, applying olive oil and then cooking for about 30 min. At that point I need to keep the potatoes warm. I was thinking either a preheated insulated cooler or roaster. Which do you think will work best? They will need to stay warm for approx. 5 hours. Thanks so much for your help!
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Baking Multiple Potatoes

May 7, 2013
Q: I want to bake 50 medium-sized Idaho potatoes in roaster ovens. The temperature of the roaster goes up to 400 degrees. With 25 baker potatoes jammed into each roaster, how long will they take to bake?
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Baked Potato Bar for 150 People

Feb 5, 2013
Q: I will be feeding 150 people a baked potato bar.  I live 3 hours from the event.  Can I pre-cook the potatoes, store them in a cooler (was thinking about using a heating pad to keep it hot) And transport them to the feeding location? Also… How long will baked potatoes last – when the heat is retained? Should I wrap them in foil individually – before or after cooking? Or, should I find a location closer to the event that can cook 150 potatoes for me?
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