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Top Food Blogger Recipes Of 2017


I found a previous post that Dr. Potato had a listing of top 10 best food blogger potato recipes, do you have a 2017 List?


We are so very fortunate to work with many talented food bloggers who love using Idaho® potatoes as an ingredient or the star of a recipe. It’s very hard to choose just one recipe as many have developed something custom for a theme or project, such as the wintertime bowls that are hearty, filling and healthy too. Looking over the 17 I came up with I am amazed at the various uses above and beyond the usual mashed or French fries. Listed below is not only the potato recipe link and photo, but also the food blogger and social media information.

To see all our collection of food blogger inspired recipes:

2017 Favorites:


Lisa Lin

Kita Roberts

Kathy Hester

Maggie Zhu

Anita Schecter

Laura Bashar

Lauren Grier

Cheryl Bennett

Lisa Goldfinger

Sylvia Fountaine

Betsy Haley

Elizabeth Lindemann

Stefani Pollack

Jennie Phaneuf

Susan Palmer

Sandi Gaertner

Jenni Field

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