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The Weather Outside Is Frightful… Idaho Potato Recipe Suggestions For Being Stuck Inside


When the weather outside is frightful, do you have any favorite Idaho® potato recipe suggestions for being stuck inside?


Wintertime dining is a perfect way to utilize part of a 5 lb bag of Idaho potatoes, or the instant dry potato packages in your pantry or frozen potatoes in your freezer. I’d bet that seven out of ten kitchens have potatoes in one of these forms, and everyone should keep an inventory of the dehydrated potatoes as a shelf stable option.

Starting with breakfast or a stay at home brunch, break out the dehy mashed potatoes and make donuts, beignets or scones:

Lunch is a perfect time to master your soup making skills. Fresh Idaho russets can be cut up into large chunks, along with carrots, and placed into the microwave to speed up the process for a stew, or plan ahead to assemble the ingredients and use your new Instant Pot or slow cooker.

Dinner is a natural for a loaded baked potato or a twice baked potato, with canned chili, cheese and onions, or with your favorite BBQ sauce. Why not make family style shareable chili stuffed potato skins?