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Secret Idaho® Potato Ingredients to Make Your Mashed Potatoes Shine

Dec 8, 2010
Q: What secret ingredients, if any, will make my Idaho® mashed potatoes sparkle when I serve them to my family?
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What’s Wrong With My Fresh Cut Fries?

Dec 6, 2010
Q: As a potato expert can you advise me on a situation that has developed at our restaurant?  We serve fresh cut Idaho® Russet Potatoes, we have been doing this for 4 years. Potato quality was consistent over the period. Recently, the over the last month all of the potatoes turn dark in the fryers before they are done. Finished product is very dark and not crispy. We are using the same vegetable fry oil we have always used and change it every 3 days. We 1st cut the potato and then let them sit in 5 gallon buckets of fresh water, until we immerse them in the oil based on orders to the kitchen. Our customers have noticed the change and our quality has suffered. Changing suppliers did not help. I assume there may be a difference in this falls crop? Will the amount of starch or sugars in the potato have something to do with it?
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Freezing Idaho® Potatoes Ahead of Time

Dec 3, 2010
Q: Can I freeze raw potatoes?
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How to Make Latkes Using Idaho® Potatoes

Dec 1, 2010
Q: Any thoughts on how to make Latkes using Idaho® Potatoes?
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Cooking Idaho® Potatoes at a Tailgate Party

Nov 29, 2010
Q: Can I partially cook a potato, via oven or microwave, then wrap in foil and an hour later complete cooking on a barbecue grill?
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What Can I Do With Left-Over Mashed Potatoes?

Nov 26, 2010
Q: I have some extra mashed potatoes from yesterday’s holiday meal, any ideas that I can fix my family?
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Keeping Stuffed Baked Idaho® Potatoes in a Hot Holding Cabinet

Nov 24, 2010
Q: We are currently introducing our stuffed baked potato program using your 50 count Idaho® potatoes, and would like to know how long we are able to keep the potatoes in the hot holding cabinet once they have been baked, and if there is anything we can do to use the leftover potatoes should we have any?
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Mashed Potato Preparation Tips, Sure to Ease Your Holiday Cooking

Nov 23, 2010
Q: I am doing mashed potatoes for the first time for my family and can’t afford to make any mistakes. I guess I should have paid attention to Mom and Grandma when I hung around the kitchen as now they are coming to my place. Can you give me an outline of easy to follow tips and information?
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Making Mashed Idaho® Potatoes Ahead of Time

Nov 22, 2010
Q: How can I fix mashed Idaho® potatoes ahead of time?
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What to do With Leftover Mashed Idaho® Potatoes

Nov 8, 2010
Q: Is there anything interesting to do with leftover mashed Idaho® potatoes?
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