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Targeting Price Conscious Diners With Idaho® Potatoes


I think I need to get with the program and offer some value priced menu items to capture price conscious diners. Any suggestions?


Targeting Price Conscious Diners With Idaho® Potatoes Nothing beats a hearty baked Idaho® potato with sour cream, butter and chives. Many times this can be profitable on a 99 cents to $1.99 menu, depending on your concept. Upgrading to a loaded baked potato or one topped with chili is easy to do too. Value-conscious customers love potato nachos, stuffed potatoes and other ingredient filled menu items such as empanadas, meat pies, croquettes and potato pancakes made with hash browns or mashed potatoes. Being price sensitive means customers want to fill up, but still keep some money in their wallets or purses, and Idaho® potatoes fit this need very well.

Find some examples from our extensive recipe files below.