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Pub Food Suggestions


Do you have any potato suggestions for pub food or pub grub to serve my customers? Right now for happy hour they can choose from a special but limited menu and we serve popcorn snack mix at the bar. 


One unexpected treat I had at a hopping place in Miami Beach was a baked potato salad (Burger & Beer Joint in Miami Beach, FL). This palate-pleasing salad won first prize at the 2011 South Beach Wine & Food Festival’s Idaho® Potato Side Dish Challenge, which took place during Rachael Ray’s Burger Bash. The chef also made roasted potato wedges.

We once ran a contest for Happy Hour. Parmesan Fried Idaho® Potatoes was one of my favorites as you can use any size fresh Idaho potato, skin on or removed, as something unique for your bar food, since it is cut into squares for “pop in your mouth potatoes”. Typically the potato portion runs about a quarter or less.

And for St. Patrick’s Day celebrations try Idaho® Potato Cheesy Ale & Cheddar Colcannon or Irish Colcannon with Spring Onions and Leeks.

Or, add a stew made with potatoes to your menu. Irish Stew or Lamb Stew with Pesto & Arugula can be prepared ahead of time and portioned out to reheat or kept warm.

A good old authentic version of Bangers and Mash makes me hungry too.

For the last recipe suggestion, Shepherd’s Pie with Mashed Potatoes on top.