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The value of “line flow” French fries

Jul 21, 2010
Q: I can save nearly ten dollars a case by switching to “line flow” French fries, it sounds like a good idea, what do you think?
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How Long Does Potato Salad Last in the Refrigerator?

Jul 19, 2010
Q: How long does potato salad last in the refrigerator?
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What exactly is "Fry Sauce"?

Jul 16, 2010
Q: I have some customers who are insisting that I serve something called a “fry sauce” with my french fries, what exactly are they talking about?
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Best way to boil Idaho® Potatoes

Jul 13, 2010
Q: What is the best way to boil potatoes when making potato salad?
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Dr. Potato - Idaho® Potato Gnocchi

Jun 22, 2010
Q: Is it hard to make potato gnocchi?
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Wake up Breakfast Sales

Jun 18, 2010
Q: Do you have any suggestions to wake up my breakfast sales?
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Explaining Idaho® Potatoes to Customers

Jun 16, 2010
Q: What’s your favorite way to describe an Idaho® potato on the menu or when we have our servers explain a giant baked Idaho® potato to our guests?
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Tater Tots®

May 26, 2010
Q: Is it my imagination, or are Tater Tots® making a comeback as a food item that’s not just for breakfast anymore?
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Indulgent Idaho® Potato Dish

May 24, 2010
Q: Do you know of a dish using Idaho® potatoes that is really indulgent?
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Ethnic Menu Items

May 21, 2010
Q: Do you have any ideas on how I can incorporate ethnic foods from the Pacific Rim, including China, into my menu and still have Idaho® potatoes as an ingredient?
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