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Become an Expert on Frying Potaotes

Sep 17, 2010
Q: Do you have any resources that you can share on becoming an expert on frying Idaho® potatoes?
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Where Can I go for all of my Potato Questions?

Sep 15, 2010
Q: I have a potato question, have I arrived at the right source?
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Mashed Potatoes Insight

Sep 13, 2010
Q: What’s hot with mashed potatoes right now?
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Proper Baking Time for Potatoes

Sep 10, 2010
Q: What is the proper baking time for a nice dry and fluffy Idaho® Russet potato?
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My French Fries Taste Odd...

Aug 9, 2010
Q: My French fries taste odd, what’s up?
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Potato Inspiration

Aug 6, 2010
Q: I need some potato inspiration, any ideas?
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My Potato Dishes Taste Bland...

Aug 4, 2010
Q: My potato dishes are not getting as many compliments as I had hoped. I’m using good ingredients, what’s wrong?
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Trimming costs with Idaho® Potatoes

Aug 2, 2010
Q: With the economy turning around so slowly, I’ve exhausted my skills at trimming labor costs and substituting expensive cuts of meat for less utilized cuts like hanger steak. I’ve put salads and pastas on the menu with chicken, salmon and shrimp, instead of more exotic choices. Now what?
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Mashed Potatoes Made Simple

Jul 30, 2010
Q: Unfortunately it’s just too hard to make mashed potatoes from scratch anymore; with the labor costs at our unit and the high volume. Mashed potatoes are a popular side dish so we sell a lot of it. Do you have any suggestions on keeping this a signature item?
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How to Bake Potatoes for a Large Group

Jul 28, 2010
Q: Can you please tell me how to bake potatoes for a group of 40 people?
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