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Where Can I go for all of my Potato Questions?


I have a potato question, have I arrived at the right source?


Yes, you can find out more than you ever thought possible about potatoes by going to our First off, say you are looking for a potato recipe. There are sites such or but they don’t specialize in potato recipes like we do. Often, some sites take an existing recipe and just reprint it without trying the recipe. I won’t guarantee that ours will always work, but for foodservice recipes we get them directly from the chefs and so there is a good chance that the dish sold on their regular menus or was used in catering or banquet service. We also have an array of consumer recipes that have been tested and approved.

We have a section on the web site titled “frequently asked questions” which is always an excellent source of information, just click on this link:

Here are the top five:

  1. How do I know I’m buying Idaho potatoes?
  2. I purchased Idaho potatoes and they looked good but it turns out they were rotten on the inside, why did this happen?
  3. Why do my potatoes sometimes turn black after I cook them?
  4. Why are my potatoes turning green?
  5. Can I cook Idaho potatoes in the microwave?

The Dr. Potato blog is also searchable, just put in the terms you want after going to this link: