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Dr. Potato Loves Game Day Recipes With Idaho® Potatoes As The Star


Do you have any last minute, easy to make game day recipes with Idaho Potatoes as the star?


Of course! And, thanks for calling out the star aspects of using Idaho potatoes for a fun day of watching football. It’s ok to be a couch potato once in a while.

Instead of a taco bar, save the avocado and beans for the classic seven-layer dip, and instead set up a mashed potato bar. Then, the ingredients or toppings are totally unlimited. You could also make it a French fry or Tots bar variation.


Baked potatoes with healthy and indulgent toppings are always a crowd pleaser. Place the washed and scrubbed Idaho russets in a single layer on a sheet pan or directly on the oven racks and time it for about one hour when heated up to 400°F.

Sheet pan dinners or oven baked French fries are sure to be a hit. Wouldn’t these go great with Philadelphia cheese steaks or as a tasty side with Boston Clam Chowder?

Or do a one-pan dinner with roasted Idaho potatoes:

Dips go better with Idaho potato wedges:

And you can’t go wrong with pizza:

Garlic Mashed Idaho® Potato Pizza

Let us know what you fixed and how it went over with your crowd!