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What's with all the Green on my Potatoes

Jan 24, 2011
Q: I know you have covered this before, but what is with all the green on my potatoes when I get them home from the store?
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Idaho potatoes and “specific gravity”

Jan 21, 2011
Q: Can you explain the term “specific gravity” when it comes to Idaho potatoes? People have told me I need to look for a potato with high solids or specific gravity to make decent fresh fries.
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It's Natural to Have Potato Bruising

Jan 19, 2011
Q: This time of year my potato supplier says that it’s natural to have potato bruising. What exactly does that mean? What causes it?
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Starch in an Idaho potato

Jan 17, 2011
Q: What exactly is the story behind why I need to be concerned about the starch in an Idaho potato when I am making fresh cut French fries?
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Common Grades of Potatoes

Jan 14, 2011
Q: What are the most common grades of potatoes? Do No. 2 potatoes taste different than No. 1 potatoes?
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Potato Chemistry in Cooking

Jan 11, 2011
Q: Can you have someone explain the potato chemistry in cooking?
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Preventing Precut Idaho® Potatoes from Turning Brown

Jan 3, 2011
Q: How can I keep my precut potatoes from turning brown?
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Idaho® Potatoes Are Rock Hard After Cooking Them in a Slow Cooker

Dec 31, 2010
Q: I bought a five pound bag of grown in Idaho® Russet Burbank potatoes .I put them in a slow cooker on low for six hours. The meat that was cooking along with the potatoes was cooked but the potatoes were hard as bricks. I tried nuking them and it helped a little but not enough. I then tried frying them and that helped some more, making them edible with lots of catsup. What is wrong with these potatoes?
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Preparing Scalloped Potatoes for Large Group Ahead of Time

Dec 28, 2010
Q: I need to make Jansson's Temptation (a Swedish version of scalloped potatoes) for a group of 70+ as a part of a holiday dinner.  Can scalloped potatoes be frozen before baking (or at least refrigerated), to allow me to put this dish together a few days before serving?
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How to cook 150 pounds of Idaho® potatoes in different size ovens.

Dec 27, 2010
Q: We have 4 different sized ovens and need to cook 150 pounds of Idaho® potatoes for a fundraiser. Is there a formula we can use to determine the appropriate cooking time for all these potatoes?
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