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Q&A: Oops! I added too much salt!

Oct 13, 2009
Q: What do I do when I add too much salt to my Au Gratin Idaho® Potatoes?
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Potato Trends

Sep 25, 2009
Q: Recently I had a group of operators from Korea asked me about potato trends and also if I had seen anything unique that they might be able to take back to their country and try on customers for late night or breakfast/brunch.  
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Q&A: This Year's Harvest

Sep 23, 2009
Q: What is the harvest like this year?
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Kids Menus - Healthful Tips

Sep 14, 2009
Q: The folks over at Good Housekeeping have some strong feelings on what fast food operators should be feeding kids these days.
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Q & A: Healthy Potato Choices for Restaurants

Sep 7, 2009
Q: We operate a restaurant in an area where people demand healthy choices on their menu. Do you have any suggestions?
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Potato Skins and Twice Baked

Aug 27, 2009
Q: What can I do with my leftover baked potatoes?
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Grill Crazy Potatoes

Aug 19, 2009
Q: Even though your customers have opted not to lug that bag of charcoal out and fire up the grill themselves, they’re probably still craving that hot-off-the-grill taste.  Since you’ve probably got your grill going for steaks, chicken and chops, why stop there?
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Foil Baked Potatoes

Aug 11, 2009
Q: Why are restaurants still wrapping their potatoes in foil?
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Do I Need to Wash My Potatoes with Soap?

Nov 30, -0001
Q: Last night, I washed our bakers, scrubbed them with a vegetable brush and water, and then plopped them into dish soap and water bath for 20 seconds. This was at advice of a doctor video I saw two days ago. Then, this morning, I read not to use anything but water, What do you recommend?    
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