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Wake Up to Food Made With Love


I recently attended a Media Communications workshop in Denver and the panel on Collaboration included a writer/restaurant reviewer and a restaurant publicist. They brought up a wonderful idea about putting together food or gift packages from your restaurant to deliver to radio or TV hosts in the hopes of getting a story across about your programs and operation. In other words, tempt them with food, rather than sending out blind press releases to 15 local stations at a time. Since you were in the audience too, I noticed that you were nodding your head positively and smiling and overhead you whisper "that really works."

 Can you share your experience with this subject?


You might call the theme "Wake Up to Food You Love" as it reminded me of what I fixed for Mother's Day many years ago. Dad taught me how to cut and boil the russet potatoes and toss into a skillet with some butter, brown and then break open a couple of eggs and add those, stir till done and deliver with fresh orange juice on a tray to my Mom. While the eggs might not have been perfect with my limited skills, they were well received and remembered for a long time to come.

What did I just do? Told a short story and supplemented it with food lovingly made and delivered. How could you do this for the media in your town or city? Does your team make fresh bread or house made soups? That would work, and be perfect for a cold wintry day to get your messages across about lunch options. National Soup Day, Clam Chowder or Gumbo Day, there has to be one to celebrate... Opening for brunch for the first time? Morning pastries, scones or donut holes could be easy to transport. Have a special blend of coffee or fresh juice or a smoothie? Pizza? Nearly all these foods lend themselves to the addition of potatoes. Call first and ask the receptionist how many people are in the office today. I've even done this when the editor I wanted to talk to said she was too busy to break away for lunch, "You are going to eat? How about if I bring you something?"

Here are some ideas to get you started:

Breakfast potatoes:


Fresh bread:

Soup, including chowder & gumbo:

Scones, donut holes, pastry:

Breakfast Potato Pizza: