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Moving Potatoes Into The Salad Bowl


At a conference I overheard a chef say she was moving potatoes into the salad bowl on her menu, but never caught the rest of the conversation. Besides the obvious, potato salad... what might she have been talking about?


Here are a couple of possibilities... left over potato bread torn and used in a Caresse salad with tomatoes or russets cut into 1/2 inch to 3/4 inch cubes, deep fried and dusted with Parmesan or Romano or other dry style grated cheeses. Mixing greens, thinly sliced cooked beets and whole fingerlings, boiled in apple cider vinegar or chicken broth can make a great tasting salad.

Idaho® Potato Caprese Salad
Idaho® Potato Caprese Salad

Find several additional recipe ideas in the links below.

Here are some other thought starters…
Instead of a Chinese Chicken Salad that has gluten noodles how about swapping out potatoes instead? What about other chicken potato salad choices?

Idaho® Potato and Pesto Chicken Salad
Idaho® Potato and Pesto Chicken Salad

Or a layered formal potato salad on flat-bread: Idaho® Potato Flatbread Veggie Salad
Idaho® Potato Flatbread Veggie Salad

Or vegetarian: Jalapeno Olive Idaho® Potato Salad
Jalapeno Olive Idaho® Potato Salad

Now get creating!

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