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Cold nights are perfect for pairing chili and Idaho® Potatoes


I can’t believe how quickly winter showed up. Do you have any suggestions for cold nights and Idaho Potatoes?


Chilly, chilly, chili. When the weather report takes a turn for the cold, reach into your pantry for a can of chili to top instant convenient mashed potatoes. Or, top a warm, just out of the oven baked Idaho® potato with chili made from scratch or out of a can. It’s a hearty meal option that works for lunch or dinner, especially when paired with a simple green salad. Here are several chili and potato recipes, including spicy Bombay Chili Cheese Fries:

Bombay Chili Cheese Fries

Or keep it simple if in a hurry to put something warm on the table. Come home, turn on the oven to 400 degrees F and scrub the potatoes, pierce them and bake. While the potatoes will be fully cooked in an hour or less, it isn’t time you have to spend tending the stove, just change work clothes, play with the kids or dog or cat and listen for the timer to go off. Open up cans of beans and chili and you are ready to eat.

Quick Idaho® Potato Chili