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Top Indulgent Breakfast Items Include Breakfast Potatoes and Home Fries


Looking at all the restaurant commercials on TV, I'm convinced that "sweet" is the new trend for breakfast, but how can I know what's most popular?


I just saw a recent consumer research study on breakfast indulgent items and out of the top six, potatoes placed twice. Here's the list:

Top indulgent products: sausage, bacon, hash browns, breakfast burrito, breakfast potatoes, French toast.  So while many breakfast places that advertise may have have put their emphasis on sweet, French toast was the only finalist on this list. Bacon and sausage, was most cited by consumers. The breakfast burrito is new to the list and plays up the growing Latino influence for breakfast, whether menued as potato tacos or eggs and potatoes in burritos. Are you surprised that hash browns and home fries or breakfast potatoes are right up there on the list? Think breakfast hashes, and eggs or meat proteins paired with hash-browns and it makes perfect sense to me.  Here are some examples of potato breakfast recipes to try: