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How do I cook Chips At Home?


We have a restaurant an hour away from us that serves floppy raw fries. They’re cut like potato chips; about 1.5mm thick and deep fried just enough to be done. They’re dripping in grease and almost soggy. My husband is having a fit for me to make him some. I don’t have a deep fryer, just my trusty iron skillet about 3″ deep. Can you please tell me how to cook them? The internet is full of recipes for crispy fries, from what I’ve read people hate soggy fries, but they’re absolutely out of this world!!! We bought a mandolin v slicer to cut them on. What cooking method would you recommend?


You might try these chip recipe variations…

Use a deep pan, heat to 300-325 degrees F using a thermometer. Be sure the potato slices are patted dry when placing in the oil or else it will splatter.

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