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How do I know if I’m really getting Idaho® potatoes?


By state law the “Grown in Idaho®” seal must be on all bags or boxes.  Check the containers.  If the seal is not there you are not getting Genuine Idaho® potatoes.

Q: Are all “baking potatoes” Idaho® potatoes?

A: No. Only those grown in the state of Idaho can be called Idaho® potatoes.  Your guarantee of genuine Idaho® product is the “Grown in Idaho®” seal.  Even if potatoes are repacked in your local area, the repacker must be licensed in order to use the “Grown in Idaho®” seal.

Q:  What is the difference between Idaho® potatoes and those grown in other areas?

Moisture content.  The Russet Burbank potato grown in Idaho has a high solids, low moisture content.  This is often referred to as specific gravity.  Idaho’s soil, climate and controlled irrigation guarantees that the potatoes grown in Idaho will have a dry, fluffy, mealy texture…the premium properties for an excellent baked potato, crispy French fry or hash browns and fluffy mashed potatoes.