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Holiday Idaho® Potato Stuffing Recipe


My family is not that keen on cornbread stuffing for the turkey, and I can’t find the recipe that the Idaho Potato Commission, posted once about using potatoes for stuffing. Any thoughts?


Potatoes for stuffing? You bet. Here is the story behind the recipe from Hudson’s on the Bend.. This is a hearty style stuffing that will give turkey or other fowl great flavor if cooked inside and is also tasty if cooked in a separate casserole with a little extra butter dabbed on top. This recipe uses pheasant and duck liver pate, but any good quality pate from the store will complement the stuffing. We always use lots of sage in our stuffing recipes. Depending on your personal taste you might want to hold a little sage to the side until you can taste the finished product and then make your final seasoning decision (I might add a little more).

This recipe along with our other Thanksgiving recipes is more than enough for ten hungry family members and friends, with plenty left over for holiday weekend snacking. This recipe calls for a variety of exotic mushrooms; depending on the local supply you may need to use the dried variety. They should be rehydrated during the cooking process to obtain the richest flavor.

Here is the recipe and a few more below that you might enjoy as well:

Stuffing with Idaho® Potatoes And Wild Mushroom And Country Pate
Stuffing with Idaho® Potatoes And Wild Mushroom And Country Pate