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Dr. Potato's Favorite Idaho® Potato Holiday Dish


Dr. Potato, What is your favorite Idaho® Potato dish to prepare during the holidays?


The holidays are certainly a very busy time, and I always remember a quote I read once, about how we don’t fully enjoy the holidays until after they’ve passed. In other words, it’s the memories, such as reflecting on getting the unexpected call or perhaps a visit from a loved one that we treasure most the rest of our lives. And of course, the food. One recipe comes to mind using Idaho® potatoes on Christmas mornings: Cheesy Hashbrown Breakfast Pizza. It’s as easy as any other quick, breakfast hashbrowns. But with a few extra ingredients, it ends up providing a rich blend of added flavors while looking a little more festive, too. The kind of holiday memory that everyone remembers, especially when reminiscing, “Hey, remember when dad fixed those special hashbrowns every year?....” Well, here’s that holiday recipe, along with a few other Idaho potato favorites to build those memories upon. 

Cheesy Idaho® Potato Breakfast Pizza 


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