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Can I Use Frozen Diced Potatoes in Potato Salad?


Can I use frozen (then thawed) diced potatoes in potato salad?


The short answer to this is yes, you could use frozen potatoes in your potato salad. However, consider the typical end use for frozen diced potatoes is in a skillet dish. Since diced frozen potatoes have been pre-partially cooked (blanched) this makes it convenient to drop into a pan to quickly finish cooking and caramelize. Frozen or thawed, frozen potatoes would make a less-than-ideal potato salad, as the cells will break down further if boiling, making a mushy texture. Or if pan-fried the texture would turn out firm and not conducive to absorb the added ingredients inclusive to potato salad dishes. As inexpensive as frozen (and fresh) potatoes are, it is probably just as practical to prepare fresh potatoes for potato salad, with far better results.  

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