National Potato Month

Every month is National Potato Month for us in Idaho, but since September is officially recognized as National Potato Month, we want to share some of our favorite spud-tacular recipes that pay homage to the mighty spud!

Let’s face it Idaho potatoes are the most versatile vegetable in the produce department. From crunchy tots, to thick and creamy soup to golden delicious french fries, potatoes can be served all day long: breakfast, lunch, dinner and every time in between. Don’t forget, they’re good for you, too. Idaho potatoes are certified by the American Heart Association as a heart-healthy food – just one more reason to love your taters!

We think the best way to celebrate National Potato Month is to feast on a different potato dish every day of the month. The Idaho Potato Commission has pooled a collection of recipes that promise to wow your friends and family. You’ll never go wrong starting your day with Green and Red Breakfast Enchiladas with Idaho Potatoes. The recipe serves 12 making it the perfect dish to serve on the weekends!

If you’re craving quick and easy comfort try Creamy Potato Garlic Soup. It’s vegetarian, gluten-free and made with only four ingredients. How can you resist?!

We invite you to take a cruise through our collection and tag a few to try!