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How to Improve my Frozen Fries and Other Fry Tips

Dr Potato How to Improve my Frozen Fries and Other Fry Tips

It’s estimated that the average American consumes about 30 pounds of French fries a year. And, you can bet that most of those fries are enjoyed outside the home. We are often asked by chefs and foodservice operators how they can perfect their French fries – both frozen and fresh. Below is a compilation of tips we’ve shared over the years, ranging from selecting the best fryer to using the right oil to implementing the best cooking practices. But, most important is using the right potato. Hands down, Idaho potatoes are recognized around the globe as the perfect potato for French fries because of their high solids content. Read more to learn how to perfect your fries… 

How to Improve My Frozen Fries

Jul 25, 2014
Q: Can you give me some tips to fix the fry problem at my burger joint? I use the same frozen potato supplier, the same vegetable oil, the same dedicated potato fryer and yet I still get complaints. What’s up with that? Every time I work the line the potatoes seem to be just fine. The customer complaints are in order of issues that come up frequently: fries are too soggy, fries are too dark, fries from one batch are both dark and light, and fries are little bitty pieces.
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Any Tips On Using The Combi-Oven To Offer School Foodservice Directors Affordable And Nutritious Baked French Fries?

May 14, 2014
Q: What’s a recognized state-of-the-art method to ‘fry’ French fries without frying?
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Take-Out French Fry Containers

Jan 8, 2014
Q: I see all kinds of French fry cups, boats, paper containers, which pop up and vary from flat shapes to cones. Is there any specific fry container that you recommend?
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Five Steps To Better Frying

Dec 31, 2013
Q: Are there any basic tips that will help me and my employees do a better job with fried foods?
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