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Keeping a Large Number of Idaho® Potatoes Hot for 8 Hours

Dec 11, 2012
Q: I need to keep at least 500 to 1000 large Idaho baked potatoes hot for about 8 hours and still be able to serve them up. I know from past experience that I was able to keep them relatively fresh by using an ice chest. But that was only for 150 large bakers. All I have for heat are two large BBQ's. Please let me know if this is possible.
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Are Black Potatoes Safe to Eat?

Sep 7, 2012
Q: Last night I started cooking green beans and potatoes in the crock pot, which I covered first with aluminum foil and then the lid, which didn’t fit tightly. I set the crockpot to warm overnight, but when I checked it this morning some of the potatoes were blackened. Are they still safe to eat?
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Keeping partially grilled potatoes in foil and fridge

Jun 21, 2012
Q: How many days can you safely keep partially grilled potatoes in the same foil and in the fridge?
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Can I Freeze Potato Salad?

May 26, 2011
Q: Can I freeze the left over potato salad?
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Proper Way to Store Cooked Idaho Potatoes

Jul 23, 2010
Q: When cooking baked potatoes I usually cook extras (in tin foil) because there are so many things that I can do with them.  After they’ve cooled I usually put them in the fridge but then have to take them out to warm up for using.  However, my husband said it would be ok to leave them on the counter until ready to use.  I wanted to find out what is the proper way to store already cooked potatoes. A. I’m sorry to say that your husband loses this argument.  Think about potatoes wrapped in foil just like you would when canning vegetables.  Would you cook the vegetables and put them in a glass jar, seal it up and then leave it at room temperature?
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Q&A: Baking Potatoes Effectively

Oct 23, 2009
Q: We prepare and bake 1,200 Idaho Bakers for our annual BAR-B-QUE.  We normally wash them on Wednesday night and when they are dry we wrap in aluminum foil on Thursday and start baking on Friday morning, for serving that day.  Would it be acceptable if we wash and wrapped on Wednesday night while the bakers are still wet and start baking on Friday?
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Is There A High Volume Commercial French Fry Cutter

Oct 13, 2016
Q: We’ve been doing fresh cut French fries from Idaho Russet Burbank potatoes for years and because of the volume we are up to I was wondering if there is a better way to cut the potatoes than a small wall mounted tool that requires a staff worker with an extra strong arm to spend most of the day cutting one potato at a time. Save Save
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Ten steps to better homemade Idaho® Potato french fries

Jul 16, 2013
Q: Are there some tips on how I cannot screw up the relationship I have with homemade Idaho® French fries? What exactly are the pitfalls I need to avoid to please guests with the best fresh cut French fries?
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