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Yellow Fleshed vs Yukon® Gold Potatoes


Can you please give me more information on Yukon Gold potatoes? I just bought 60 lbs. of potatoes from a local Mennonite farmer here in South Western Ontario, Canada. I asked two or three times specifically for Yukon Gold—and the reply was “Yes, these are Yukon Gold”. After I got home I looked at the bag and it says “yellow fleshed” and I am not really happy and they are definitely not “Yukon Golds”. My understanding is that Yukon Gold is a type of yellow fleshed but very distinct look and taste.


Here is the general information on the Yukon® Gold as it originally was named.

Because of its promotion as a potato that had yellow flesh and was so moist it didn’t need butter there are several misconceptions about what is now commonly referred to as a Yukon® Gold. European varieties that have yellow flesh and chipping potatoes (used for potato chips) may have different names but often get referred to as a Yukon® Gold. We don’t grow many Yukon® Golds in Idaho, we have had better success with the Yukon Gem as far as baking, not bruising as easily, etc.

Here are the varieties commercially sold from Idaho:
Popular Potato Varieties

Note, only potatoes grown in Idaho can be called Idaho® potatoes. We do grow some 30-38% of the total fall potato crop in the United States.