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Which Potato Has The Most Vitamins And Nutrients In It?


Which potato has the most vitamins and nutrients in it?


The USDA does not distinguish any obvious differences in nutrients between one potato variety and another. Suggesting that however these may vary between varieties, the differences are quite minute. Regular potatoes and sweet potatoes are a frequent topic in popular nutrition circles and publications. With the exception of high Vitamin A present in sweet varieties; comparatively speaking, russet and other potato varieties match up equal to or even provide a slight nutrient edge over their sweet cousins – minus the added sugar and calories. Bottom line, potatoes are a no-fat, low calorie, nearly complete nutrient-dense food that has sustained entire civilizations. Potatoes are the number one consumed vegetable (by far) not only in the U.S. but in the entire world. The humble potato tastes great, is wildly versatile, and is a wholesome, satisfying addition to any meal.

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