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Where Should I Store Potatoes At Home If I Buy A Big Bag Of Idaho® Russets?


I remember my grandparents storing fresh potatoes at home in a root cellar. I want to take advantage of the pricing and availability of having a ten pound bag of spuds at home for last minute menu choices but don’t know where to store the potatoes once I buy them. Any recommendations


You’ve asked a very good question. And the students and teachers at the University of Idaho decided to explore this further. For the full report go here: Options for Storing Potatoes at Home

Basically, look for a cool, well ventilated, dark and somewhat humid place. Ideal temps are 42-55 Degrees F. Don’t seal them up in a plastic bowl with a lid or a produce bag without holes as the potatoes will continue to breath and the trapped moisture makes the potatoes break down quicker. Don’t leave out on the kitchen countertop as they will turn green from the light.

A clear plastic bag with perforated holes, stored in a cool covered area such as a pantry, front closet, spare room, garage or basement (insulated to prevent freezing) is ideal. Storing potatoes in the refrigerator will make the potatoes fry up dark (for hash browns, home fries or French fries) or taste sweet (baked or mashed) as the starch in the potato will start to turn to sugar.

Restaurants should leave the potatoes in the cartons and store in the coolest area of the kitchen.