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What Kind of Potatoes Are These and How Do I Tell If They’re Idaho® Potatoes?


The potatoes that I purchased from my grocer do not state anywhere on the packaging what type of potatoes they actually are. Why does Idaho do this – or are these even the Idaho variety?


First a short sidebar to a map. Always remember that Idaho is a place, not a variety! Don’t worry we get that all the time!


Idaho potatoes stand out in many ways. Obviously, we stand out by producing the highest-quality potato, bar none. Further, Idaho stands out in regard to identification and labeling. Every bulk, sized carton, every consumer bag grown, packed and shipped from an Idaho facility clearly marks the box as “Idaho” or “Grown in Idaho®” with our state-shaped Certification Mark. Similarly, every Idaho-produced consumer bag also has clear print and graphics on the bag indicating it is indeed grown in Idaho. Every carton (and twist lock on consumer bags) have coded information showing as what Idaho shed the potatoes originated, what day the potatoes were packed, and lists what variety of potatoes are inside (even russets have distinct varieties such as russet Norkotahs or russet Burbanks). Idaho growers do this because it’s important to have traceability; but also, because if it’s important for consumers to ask, it’s important for growers to share the information. The ‘other guys’? Those states might stamp ‘russets’ on the package at best. Idaho proudly makes these identification distinctions. How’s that for standing out?  


Always look for one of these “Grown in Idaho®” Certification Mark to ensure you are getting real Idaho® Potatoes: