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What is the Best Way to Store Idaho® Potatoes at Home?


What is the best way to store Idaho potatoes at home?


A few years ago the University of Idaho published a report entitled Options for Storing Potatoes at Home that had a wealth of tips on what to do once you buy potatoes at the grocery store and bring them home. The tips for storing potatoes are especially important if you plan to make French fries or hash browns as each method suggested can affect the starch and sugar levels.

The key points to consider are:

Temperature -
Most homes store potatoes too warm and they will sprout prematurely or the skins will wrinkle on the potatoes. Ideal is 42-50 degrees F.

Light -
Exposure to light makes the potato skin turn green and taste bitter, so store them in a cool dark place. 

The suggested home storage locations you might try include an extra refrigerator set at a higher temp (not an option for most), in a garage, in an insulated area in a cabinet (not so practical when temps are extremely hot or cold) and the recommendations for the easiest spots are in the house in an unheated area (under a sink, in a closet, spare room or basement) and in a dark location, or in dark colored breathable or perforated bags.